Abe Vigoda lives on through the F3 Exicon, especially when Norwood is in charge fore any that escape his memory is simply deemed the Abe Vigoda. Even street names become Abe Vigoda Ave. when needed.

72 degrees and humid

Pax in attendance
Eggplant, Nancy, Goldon Coral, Hazmat, Graffiti, Pacer, Patch, Guiding Light, Hermey, Footloose, Explosion, Favre, Jingles, Abe Vigoda aka Everest, Norwood (Q)

Various Abe Vigoda exercises and stretches

The Thang
Run to Lindell Road and Springwood.  Take various Abe Vigodas to run two separate mile loops

American Hammers 10ic

Q Source at Starbucks Thursday after workouts, Matlock is raising money for Nurses and Doctors fighting the Coronavirus at the Women’s Hospital, Prayer for racial reconciliation at LeBauer park Thursdays at 6:30am.