August 15, 2020

PAX by Group

Group 1 – Wicked, Magic Dragon, AirBall, TPS

Group 2 – Ric Flair aka WOOO, Yeti

Group 3 – Foot Fairy, Baby Bop, TJ Hooker

Group 4 – Red Dragon, I Pity the Fool, Stick Shift, Drizzle, FNG TADPOLE, Flamingo


YHC had been looking forward to this Q since it was offered up a few weeks back in a COT. Thinking about the massive AO, QIC was anxious to check out some territory which had not been touched…the BUS LOT and the OUTSIDE CLASSROOM. YHC created three (3) weinkes for the PAX and arranged them for a four (4) man team bump workout…but then WICKED happened.


THANG 1 – moseyed toward MS and stopped in the street for warm-o-rama. PAX thought Q was out of sorts, but it was a planned destination because YHC noticed the basketball court was DRY which it normally is not due to poor location. While the collective did an exercise, five (5) pax were sent to do a basketball court suicide. Wicked (being Wicked) turned his laps into a 50/50/100 instead. Everyone took their turn on the line. Then, we moseyed back toward the HS passing the school to the BUS LOT.


As the PAX congregated, they were divided into groups of four (4). Planning on three (3) groups of four (4) and one group of three (3) to bump people from station to station…then WICKED happened again. We ended up with a mess, but we persisted. Five (5) exercises per sheet, plenty of sweat & dirt, and OMAHA was called.

Baby Bop made a quick dash toward the shovel flag, but Q informed the PAX ‘We’re taking the long road home’. Around the school we went starting an INDIAN RUN with TJ Hooker setting the pace. About two thirds (2/3) of the way around the pax decided to simply mosey it back in for Mary.


Due to time constraints (trying to beat JR and crew to the Jumping Bean), one (1) American Hammer and out.


FNG TADPOLE (Ryan Walton) is the second FNG at Death Star in as many weeks. Special thanks to TJ HOOKER for EH’ing his work buddies to join our circle of madcap mayhem. Tadpole works for Greensboro Police Department in the VICE department. I am sure his VQ will include drug sniffing dogs and cuffs… once he gets his legs (The tadpole stage can be as short as two weeks or as long as three years. ) excerpt from google.