July 11, 2020


Easy Rider Peloton

Pax Red Dragon, Drizzle, Bobby Knight, Magic Dragon, Cougar (2.0), SeeThru, AirBall, Foot Fairy, Canary, Stick Shift, Hall Pass, Steely Dan, Bravo, Centerfold, and TPS


Well it’s been a year since the last Peloton adventure at CougarTown, and a classic is always a classic.  However, this year we added a second bike.  Ok third bike including Cougar’s. And we had eight (8) rookie riders.

Drizzle was quick out of the gate to feign his interest in riding the bikes. Possibly, due to breaking the dinger last time  He was pushed over the edge, when I could not produce the mechanical and service records. AirBall likewise abstained from riding, and we initially thought it was due to the fear of COVID-19. He then assured us it was using the same bike seat as SeeThru. #Understood. So they both agreed to do 20 Burpees in lieu. #Mistake.

Upon Leaving the parking lot, we ventured over to the forgotten hill for bear crawl repeats. SeeThru busted me for my originality.  Centerfold spent rounds one and two in the woods. Hope he had paper.


Group divided in half and sent to opposite sides of the track. Each group had a bike and a list of AMRAP exercises. Each pax would take one lap then sprint across the field.


Bobby Knight rides like the wind. Must have been the recent hair cut

Canary rides less like the wind and more like a cool breeze.

Hall Pass couldn’t reach the pedals.

AirBall wished he didn’t do eighty (80) burpees with a mask. #hypoxia



SeeThru Drizzle and Hall Pass running tomorrow at 7am from parking lot on 220 near Strawberry Rd.

TPS at Deathstar

Red Dragon at. CougarTown