PAX: Poehler, Pacer, Mugsy, Nutmeg, Bed Bug, Tommy Boy, Bones, Spackler, Stretch, Flat Rate, Sir Isaac, Hazmat, Snookie, Snowflake, Michelin Man, Verlander, Windmill, Magellan, QIC – Sacked


19 HIMS hit the Nightmare this morning for an 8 Station workout on the Diamond. The morning started off on a high note with Snookie and Bed Bug carrying the mumble chatter during Warm-A. Those 2 might have been egged on a bit by TB for the enjoyment of all in attendance. Here is how the workout went:


We formed to lines and moseyed to the center parking lot area and circled up. All reps were 15ic.

  • Imperial Walkers
  • Sun Gods
  • String Ripper
  • Lucky 7’s
  • Hillbilly’s
  • Static Lunges

Formed to lines spaced apart and moseyed around the Lewis Center and on to the baseball field.


We counted off by odd number up to 7 (1,3,5,7). We almost made it through this initial challenge until we got to Flat Rate. In his defense and as he noted he did give back an odd number :). The 1’s went to cone 1, the 3’s went to cone 3, and so on. There was one exercise to be performed at each cone with each being a 30 count rep. After each team finished Cone 8 exercise they took a lap around the Lewis Center and came back to start the circuit again. Towards the end we dropped the rep count to 20.

Exercises Performed by Cone Number:

  1. Carolina Dry Docks
  2. Monkey Humpers
  3. Crunchy Frog
  4. Werkins
  5. Static Lunges
  6. Pickle Pushers
  7. Ranger Merkins
  8. Squats

As an added item the PAX did backwards run to cones 4 and 6.

With time running tight we got into a single file line and moseyed back to the ShovelFlag.



  • Freddie Mercury’s x 15ic
  • E to K X 10ic each knee
  • American Hammer x 10ic


  1. Coffeteria after (all AO’s welcome) is in the back parking area of the Starbucks and  Earthfare parking lot.
  2. Snowflake – passed along appreciation for all the good wishes and reach outs over past few weeks.

Moleskin (Observations)

  • Always great having Snookie in attendance. TClaps to his small group of 5 who took instructions the whole time 🙂
  • Spackler looking like he is already back better than ever.
  • Awesome having are young Verlander back in the gloom. TClaps as he heads down to UNCC for his first year this Fall.
  • Great having Snowflake back out as we are better for it. Well done today powering through.
  • Had Daphne been in attendance along with Snookie and Bed Bug I am not sure we would have made it out the Warm-A
  • Sir Isaac smiling a bit more this morning…. then we found out Brexit finally moved out and back across the Pond. We will miss Brexit.
  • TClaps to Windmill for his loyal support to Brueggers…Bagel pick up and the back to Starbucks for the fellowship.
  • TClaps to the double dippers,TB and Spackler,  this morning. Ruck + Beatdown. Well done men.
  • Great Having Mugsy this morning. His 4th workout in total with Natville F3.
  • Fantastic Coffeeteria afterwards. Even Xerox, possibly in non-workout attire, came for the fellowship. Good Stuff.
  • Thanks Hazmat for the opportunity to Q this fine group.

TClaps Stretch for taking us out.

Humbly submitted, Sacked