• Date: June 29, 2o20
  • Weather: 72 degreees, with 70 percent humidity
  • PAX: Splinter Murph – Jitterbug; Boot Camp PAX –  Geek Squad (War Baby), Paula Dean, Root, TPS, Transporter, Stick Shift, Centerfold, Huffy (War Daddy), I Pity the Fool, Xerox, Nomex, BedBug, Hall Pass, Red Dragon, Canary, Double Check, Ricola, Airball, Droid, Jingles, Akron, Wojo (QIC)

Don’t you hate it when you have a commitment sneak up on you?!? Whelp, that happened Sunday evening at 6:15 when Spackler reached out to remind me that I had the Q at Circle Time. Okay, do I take the ‘out’ that was offered due to the late notice and because I forgot to put this Q on my calendar or do I man up and answer the bell? As we are all called in F3 to #getbetter and ‘do the hard thing,’ the decision was easy – Q the workout! Make the hard decision!

What to do was another matter altogether. Without much time, YHC had to come up with a workout or modify one from the file. And no, Buttfumble, there would be no B.L.I.M.P.S. today! Luckily a Zoom workout I led for some F3 Grandstrand & Natville guys during quarantine would have to do.

A few more guys than I expected gathered this morning, but today’s effort was scale-able. With no FNGs today, YHC provided the welcome, the F3 Mission Statement and sort-of a disclaimer and we were off!

Mosey south and then north through the school parking lot, out to Lake Brandt Road and into the office parking area. Circle up around the traffic circle for the…


  • SSH X 15 (IC)
  • Sun Gods X 15 (IC) – forwards & backwards
  • Chinooks X 15 (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers X 15 (IC)
  • Copperhead Squats X 15 (IC)
  • String Rippers X 12 (IC)
  • Abe Vigoda Windmill X 12 (IC)
  • Mtn Climber X 15 (IC)
  • Peter Parkers X 15 (IC) – also known as Mountain Climbers (thanks BedBug)


Move back to the Main Parking Lot for Sprints (PAX divided into 4 groups)

  • From first light pole: 25% speed to second cone, 50% to the end
  • Repeato coming back
  • From first light pole: 50% to second cone, 75% to the end
  • Repeato coming back
  • From first light pole: 75% to second cone, all out to the end
  • Repeato coming back

After a quick ten count, PAX were asked to line up along school side curb, making sure to maintain the appropriate social distance. The out, burpees, and back will preface each three exercise set. 

#1 Bear Crawl to cone, then lunge walk to opposite curb – 3 burpees/curpees and sprint back;

  • 20 Merkins (single count)
  • 20 Air Squats (IC)
  • 20 LBC’s (IC)

#2 Out & Back (Bear Crawl – Lunge Walk – Burpees – Sprint)

  • 20 Werkins (single count)
  • 20 Side Lunges (IC)
  • 20 WW2 Sit-ups (single count)

#3 Out & Back (Bear Crawl – Lunge Walk – Burpees – Sprint)

  • 20 Ranger Merkins (single count)
  • 20 Ski Hops (IC)
  • 20 Low Slow Flutters

#4 Out & Back (Crab Walk  – Lt. Dan  – Burpees – Sprint)

  • 20 Carolina Dry Docks (single count)
  • 20 Monkey Humpers (IC)
  • 20 Freddie Mercury’s (IC)

#5 Out & Back (Crab Walk – Lt. Dan – Burpees – Sprint)

  • 20 Pulsing Supermans (IC)
  • 20 Wojo Squats (SC)
  • 20 Alabama Prom Dates (IC)

After a 10 count, PAX reconvened on north end of parking lot for a few more Sprints

  • From first light pole: 50% to second cone, 75% to the end
  • Repeato coming back
  • From first light pole: 75% to second cone, all out to the end
  • Recover jog coming back

Circle up for MARY:

  • High Dolly X 15 (IC)
  • Over Unders X 15 (IC)
  • American Hammers X 15 (IC)


Moleskin & Announcements:

  • Cobains for the not putting on a more creative beating today, but I hope you felt this morning was time well spent. From what I saw, you guys got your money’s worth. I’ll do a better job going forward of putting my Qs on my calendar so I’m not scrambling at 6:30 pm the evening before!
  • Geek Squad. you killed it this morning. I think this was my first time working out with you. You are FAST and flew through the exercises. I for sure need to up my game when you are in the PAX.
  • Transporter and Centerfold, I haven’t worked out much with you guys either, but you both brought it today. Transporter, as I told you at coffeeteria, I was worried (and maybe also a little hopeful) when you ran off to the trees that a merlot splash was coming. Glad (sigh!) y0u were okay!
  • Hall Pass, glad to have you back out in the gloom, brother. I am glad your family is back home safe and that you are all healthy. Nice of TPS to provide you with some hair product!
  • Jitterbug, Mr. Murph, I want to have your strength and endurance when I am 59. Keep bringing it!
  • BedBug, appreciate you making the drive over from the Dash this morning to support your big brother! I’ll be at your next Q for sure!
  • Xerox, take care of your achilles and have a safe trip to Boeheim-ville this week
  • Guys, as you read in Shenanigans, COVID is now among us and we need to be careful! Mask up, keep yourselves socially distanced, and take care of you and your families. 
  • Huffy, we are thinking about your wife as you guys head to Mexico this week for her treatment. Be safe and we send you with prayers and thoughts of hope that she will soon be better!
  • Keep our Site Q Spackler in your prayers for his upcoming heart surgery on Wednesday. He’s been waiting since March and is READY!
  • Red Dragon has the Q at Cougar Town on Saturday, which is July 4.  In addition to showing up, he asks that you wear Red, White and/or Blue. Due to COVID, there is not a convergence this year so choose your favorite beating (you know Red Dragon always delivers!) #MeowMeow

Thanks for the opportunity to Q today. Stay safe & SYITG!