June 27, 2020

Cornwallis nightmare

QiC : Spackler (respect)

Pax : Hazmat (respect), Nutmeg (respect), Settlement, Windmill (respect), Stretch (respect), JLove, Falcon, Michelin Man, Brexit, Brandy (respect), Pacer (respect), Sir Isaac (respect), WKRP (respect), Wahoo (respect), Drysdale (respect), Sacked (respect), Ozone, Picasso (respect), Spackler (respect), Jingles


YHC arrived on site approximately 30 minutes before the start of this mornings beatdown. I anticipated 15-20 pax to be in attendance. I wanted to doublechek to make sure my various thang locations would provide plenty of social distancing room. My goal was to allow 8-10 feet between each pax @ each location. As Pax arrived about half had face protection already in place  and the rest were taking what I believed as ample social distancing precautions. I had a mask also but chose not to put it on as YHC decided that keeping that 8-10 feet distancing for me was easily achievable.

At 7:00 on the nose YHC welcomed the pax to CN, dispensed the mission statement of F3, stated that I was not a professional and that all exercises were only a sugesstion and to modify if neccessary. With that completed we set off on a short Mosey to the church parking lot approximately 500 yards away.



Windmill (Abe Vigota style) – 12 IC

String Ripper – 15 IC

HillBilly – 15 IC

Sungods – 15IC, Chinooks – 15IC, Reverse – 15 IC


WE then proceeded to spread out on one curb in parking lot approximately 100 or so yards for a Santa’s Ladder. If you haven’t done these you’re missing out. These are really AWESOME ! You start by running from one side of parking lot to the other ; about 30 yds each way. When you get back to starting point you do 10 Burpees. Run across & back to starting point & do 9 Burpees. Then 8, & 7 & 6 Burpees. Then across & back again but 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, are Merkins. By the time you finish that set you’re warmed up so it’s time to repeat. And this is where it really gets fun ! You reverse the exercise ladder ! 10 Merkins, 9 Merkins, 8 Merkins , 7 & 6. And then finish it off with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Burpees. There wasn’t much Mumble Chatter during these ladders ?Although  I did hear Sacked ask if this was still the WAR. And I heard Drysdale say that he was glad he didn’t bring an FNG or he might not ever come back. But I’m sure that was just said in Jest ! When this 10 minutes of fun was complete we proceeded on a short Mosey to the Baseball field across the the street @ Lewis Center.

I had several sets of cones set-up. Spaced 25 yards apart. Each 25 yards was an exercise. Here’s how it went down. We lined up against the fence. Again, spread out so that we were 10+ feet apart from each other. ….

Run to the 1st cone – 25 Merkins

Run backwards to startin point.

Run to 2nd Cone – 50 squats

Run backwards to starting point

Run to 3rd Cone – 75 Mountain Climbers (single count)

Run backwards to starting point

Run to 4th Cone – 100 SSH (single count)

Run backwards to starting point.


When everyone had completed this Thang , YHC announced we’d do it again but now the exercises would be doubled…… DEAD SILENCE !  ……  I was of course kidding !  Believe me I didn’t want to do it again either…. BTW Nobody thought it was funny !

So we gathered up the cones & set off for the front of the Rec center where the wall & tables are. Two exercises would be performed here. Each exercise done 2 times. Half the group would do step-ups on the tables & border wall while the other half did Australian Mountain Climbers on the other wall which were supposed to be done 20x IC. This short routine took all of 5-6 minutes so YHC still had plenty of time for one set of exercises so we set off for the Shovel Flag area. I think since we had arrived at shovel flag some Pax might have thought we were going straight into Mary ? But it wasn’t even 7:45 yet ! So I asked all Pax to find some grass as this exercise is more bearable if you are on grass since you are on your knees. These are called different things I believe ? Jack Holes, Jack Webbs etc. I’ve heard Xerox has done these. But YHC has been to plenty of his Q’s & has yet to see these done @ his workouts. Anyway my version goes like this.

1 Merkin – 4 Air Presses

2 Merkins – 8 Air Presses

3 Merkins – 12 Air Presses

4 Merkins – 16 Air Presses

5 Merkins – 20 Air Presses

6 Merkins – 24 Air Presses

7 Merkins – 28 Air Presses

About this time, YHC has to admit, really feeling it. These babies definitely do a number on your shoulders.

8 Merkins – 32 Air Presses

9 Merkins – 36 Air Presses

10 Merkins – 40 Air Presses


Time for Some MARY…. Short & Sweet

LBC’s – 30 IC

LSF’s – 20 IC

Heel Touches – 20 IC

Low Dolly – 20 IC

American Hammer – 20 IC


Announcements : Hazmat says no convergence for the 4th due to Covid Restrictions… Individual Sites will have workouts just like any other Saturday.

Stretch : His friend Tom. His Cancer has returned . Prayers for him & his recovery.

Stretch: his daughter’s boyfriend (F3 Shotgun) has been recalled to Westpoint & has 48 hours to report.

Thoughts & prayers extended to me for my upcoming Heart Surgery/Procedure next week. YHC is very appreciative of the sentiments.


YHC took us out.


As always . It’s an honor to lead…