Location: Death Star

Date: June 24, 2020.

Time: 0530

Conditions: 70F, 82% humidity.

PAX (Count 15): Wicked (Respect), Pity Tha Fool (Respect), Hoosier, Air Ball, Botox, Magic Dragon, Good Hands, Baby Bop, Steely Dan, Centerfold, Bodette, Red Dragon, TPS, See Thru and Foot Fairy (QIC)

At 0530 F3 disclaimer and mission statement delivered.

Mosey to northern side bus/car parking lot. (Air raid with 5 Burpees en route called by the self-nominated assistant Q- Wicked).


Goof balls IC- 20

Abe Vigoda – 15

String Rippers – 15

Sun Gods IC – 15 forwards and 15 reverse

Chinooks IC – 15 forwards and 15 reverse

Hillbillies IC-15

Assorted stretches- Runners, deltoid and triceps

Short mosey to the southside field.

Thang 1:

7s- Copperhead Squats and Burpees on either end of 24.8 yard field.

Thang 2: 4 corners

Station 1A: 25 Hand Release Merkins (crab walk to station 2)

Station 2A: 20 High Dollies in cadence (Bear crawl to Station 3)

Station 3A: 30 squats (Toy soldier to station 4)

Station 4A: 25 Imperial Walkers in cadence (Carioca to station 1)

Station 1B: 30 Carolina dry docks-single count (SSH to Station 2)

Station 2B: 20 Mountain climbers in cadence (crawl bear to Station 3)

Station 3B: 15 Lunges each leg (gorilla crawl-left to Station 4)

Station 4B: 25 Monkey Humpers in cadence (gorilla crawl-right back to Station 1)


20 heel touches IC

20 plank jacks

20 LBCs

20 Peter Parkers

15 Low Slow Flutter

10 E2K each side

15 gas pumps

15 American Hammer IC


Air Ball is on the Q at SCK on 6/25/2020. He promises that the PAX will be wishing for Broga.

Hoosier is on Q at Nordic Tract on Saturday and predicts that it will be EPIC.

Much-anticipated Spike VQ coming up on 6/26/2020 at Lunatic Fringe.

Wicked assured the PAX that he was not slacking off but had a back injury and will be back on Q on 7/11/2020 at Wakanda-encouraged attendance in numbers.

Upcoming VQ in August for Centerfold and Good Hands at DeathStar pending confirmation.

Hoosier took the PAX out in prayer.


Honored to lead.