Date: June 2, 2020

Time: 6:15 am, the morning is half over already…

PAX: Nancy, Pacer (respect), Thurmanator (respect), Snowflake (respect), Don’t Cha Know (respect), Golden Corral, Matlock (QIC) (respect)

Weird times in Natville for sure.   A curfew caused the start time to be moved to 6:15.  Covid-19 caused the service component to be delayed indefinitely.  Downtown was very quiet, practically a ghost town.  YHC was grateful to see 6 other PAX post despite the unusual circumstances.



Hill billies

Copperhead squats

Hug thy self


Mountain climbers


Time to mosey to the to Belle Meade deck for the THANG, Part 1:

Catch me if you can, this time, up the parking deck, Partner 1: slow mosey, while Partner 2 does 5 merkins then 5 squats,  then sprints to Partner 1  and switch.  Keep going to the top.  At the top of the deck. 30 LBCs. then plank for 6.  Single Applesauce Mosey down the death spiral.

Mosey back to Grace UMC for the THANG, Part 2:

I have always loved Dad Jokes and subject my kids to them on a regular basis.  I asked the PAX a recent gem:  Did you hear Antarctica has no cases of COVID-19?  It’s because they are in isolation. 

So this brings us to this dad joke: 6 was afraid of 7 because 7, 8, 9.   A classic.

Hence, 7,8,9

7 60 yard sprints: at the end of each sprint, 8 Squats run backwards to starting cone, 9 Merkins

Simple but awful, (just ask Snowflake what he thought of it)



Gas pumps

Freddie Mercury


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  -Blood Drive is coming soon.  Sign up online only, no walk-ins.

Prayers:    -Pray for Pacer’s mother, she just started chemotherapy.

-Pray for Golden Corral’s neighbor who has entered into Hospice care

-Pray for the good people of this city as we try to make sense of what happened over the weekend.  Pray for racial justice.  Pray for our children.  Pray for each other that we love one                                another as Jesus intended.

Thanks the opportunity to lead.



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