A request was put out for Qs at Fenceline by Site-Q, Baby Bop aka Sit Baby of the Bop, and YHC hearkened. Eleven surly souls dared to show weakness and the fartsack who is boss and crushed a fast tempo HIIT beatdown. Ten rounds were on the winki, but you know how that goes…looked good on paper, etc… Heroic exploits below.


x20 Cross-Over Side Straddle Hops (Alternating Toe-Touch done is Jumping Jack format)

THANG [x10 reps SC for each movement] *modifications were provided **never forget the six

(2+rounds completed w/ Commercial Breaks added to keep it spicy)

  1. Merkins (pushups)
  2. Carolina Dry Dock *Mike Tyson format
  3. 4×4 Lunges (fwd/rev same side, then other side = 1 rep)
  4. Chillcut Plank Hip Dip *Sugar Ray Upgrade: T-Bar Plank position
  5. Inch Worm *Sugar Ray Upgrade: Merkin at bottom **Super Sugar Ray Upgrade: Rocking Merkin at bottom
  6. T-Bar Plank Reach Through (x10 each side)
  7. Star Jump
  8. Bird Dog E2K Crunch Tuck [x10 R/L] (yeah, you read that correctly)
  9. Single Leg Deadlift (x10 R/L)
  10. Single Leg Royal Burpee (x5 R/L)


6 Minute Ab tabata: Ab Circles, Peter Parkers, ISO Crunch and Twist, etc… (we followed a program, it makes random ab complexes each day to kick your butt.)

C.O.T. & N.A.R.

Nomex: Flag handoff at Wakanda to Akron this Saturday.

Slumlord: potential second order for SOAB: Legion of Gloom shirts underway.


Akron, Paula Deen, Ricola, Baby Bop, Nomex, Transporter, Crawdad, Xerox, Stickshift, Steely Dan, and Slumlord-QIC


YHC prayed up the fearless and faithful of Natville.