This is about as ‘late’ as you can get for a backblast without being too late. Friday night at 10:30pm before a 0630 workout.

However, this #BB is not going to cover much of the workout exercises. After the crazy week, I just want to give credit to the pax that posted.

Pax: Red Dragon, Bobby Knight, TPS, Hall Pass, Airball, See Thru, Matlock, All Blacks, Stick Shift, Kaizen, Giggawatt, Magic Dragon, Hoosier, Radiator, Centerfold, Canary, Cupcake (FNG), Patch, Xerox, Slumlord, JR, Bodett


We planked, while giving the mission and disclaimer. Then we did some exercises. After a few, we moseyed to the track


4 stations on the track, pax ran around and did appropriate exercises.

We ended with a tunnel of love.


Did a few things and then ended with 44 hammers.


Moleskin & Announcements:

-Welcome to Cupcake (Nathan Smith). Sorry about your name brother. Matlock brought cupcakes to my 40th birthday Q and someone said that cupcake would be an excellent FNG name for someone on a birthday. Brother, there is never a bad time to start F3, only bad nicknames due to timing. #cobains

-Last weekend I spent the time with my family improving my yard for my birthday. It was great to take a pause from social media and the computer. That is the only real reason I have for the delay in this BB. However, I never knew how crazy the world was gonna go in the week that followed.

  • first, my 2.0 (Faceoff) was concussed in just his second lacrosse game in high school. I was not there (watching the other 2.0 in a game), but hear that it was a rough game and he was giving it his all. It broke my heart to see him hurting and unable to do what he loves and has spent so much time preparing for. From Wednesday on, we have seen doctors and specialists and numerous calls to the trainer and other concerned parents.
  • Then CV-19 just throws the monkey wrench into everything. If you have not had an event or meeting cancelled, you live a blessed life that must be Monk-like. The hysteria is just blasted at you from all angles. I pray for all of our collective sanity as we forge our way though the next few weeks. Stay strong and reach out should you need to.

-Lastly, I want to say thank you to the pax that posted for my birthday Q. You guys honored my birthday wish and brought a few bucks saved from a lunch or coffee and dropped it in the bucket. Together with the $4 per pax that I am donating, we raised $250 from this AO this AM. Thank you so much.