Growing up in New Joisey, a common feature of everyday life is the “diner”. Almost every diner has a blue plate special. It’s that low priced meal that changes daily and gets it done. It’s not fancy. It may not be healthy. But damn, it satisfies that hunger one way or another without putting a dent in your wallet. That was the theme in so many ways of this workout. It was simple, not fancy, maybe not healthy (it depends on how one defines an excess of “burpees”), but it got it done. The Pax were forced to stay accountable and digest every minute of the those tortuous 45 minutes. It as a “NO HIDING ZONE”. Here is how it went down, sort of…


Broga at the Circle behind the school.

Transition to the back parking lot behind the school. Pax lined up in two lines and awaited further instructions. 


At each numbered space the Pax performed 10 Burpees or 20 Merkins as a M.A.N.

In between burpee/merkin sets the Pax would move according to the Q instruction: Bear Crawl, Crawl Bear, Inch Worms, Toy Soldiers, Duck Walk, etc…

Commercial Breaks included: Lucky 7s, Superman-Banana Jacks (Side Straddle Hops) & Star Jumps

*120 Burpees completed, plus the aforementioned stuff

Transition back to the Flag


Broga & 1 American Hammer IC for prosperity


Bulldog, Stretch-RESPECT, Pacer-RESPECT, Nomad, HUD, Double Check, Ozone, ESL, Nails-RESPECT, Fanny-SO YOUNG, Hazmat-RESPECT & Slumlord-QIC


3F at Panera Lawn Dale Ave


It was a joy to serve the Pax. I was feeling a little worn out after the Massacre Race the day before, but I gave my best and I saw a lot of sincere effort all around, which is very inspiring. T-claps to Nails for getting back out in the gloom. You can’t achieve something without doing it.