YHC made yet another appearance at the AO that started it all in Natville. With two big races on the horizon, many O’ Pax were set for a splinter run. Undaunted, YHC pressed on with a gaggle of ten brethren.

The unsuspecting Pax were treated to a little pre-Mary work which included YHC’s newly christened Super-Banana-Jacks. Here is a snapshot of Warm-a-rama:

Scissor Kicks, Low Dolly, High Dolly, Super-Banana-Jacks & Smurph Jacks

The Super-Banana-Jacks were a crowd favorite and some folks just wanted to keep going. Butt Fumble was especially thrilled. But it was time for the main event aka “the Thang”. This is what sort of happen, with modifications abounding and mini-commercial breaks for “form correction/demonstration” without finger pointing. Here is how it went down in theory…

Super B.L.I.M.P [Burpee-Ladder), Lunge-Walk), Walking-Inchworm, Mallcop’s Merkin Madness, and Pickle-Pusher & Alabama Prom Date]

(1) Pax form successive horizontal lines of 3-5 men (team 1, 2, 3, 4…) for a trip around parking lot

(2) Lunge Walk (100 yards +), while completing:

(A) Burpee (ladder) *Q calls out burpees in progression

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 * YHC cut it off at “5” to make time for more fun.

(3) Inch-Worms *YHC gave the Pax the option of IW w/ or w/o a Merkin at the bottom of the exercise.

(A) Mallcop’s Merkin Madness [25 reps of: Regular, Ranger, 5-Second, Werkin, and Spiderman (13/13)]

The whole shebang went pretty well overall, with minor adjustments for effort, coordination, and time. The entire workout theme was “coordinated team work”. As in, every movement great or small was done not just in cadence (aka “hope everyone is keeping up” leadership), but in actual unison. This was achieved by slowing down and deconstructing the movements to retard half-assery/momentum and redirect the Pax to evaluate and execute good form consistently. This seemed to work, but who knows. One thing I know about group activities, whether they be at work, family, or with community stuff, people are really good at blending in, aka, fake it til’ ya make it. All in all, a top-shelf effort was mined from the fertile soil of Natville’s faithful that morning.

YHC had to jet to help the M, so Mary was graciously led by Jitter Bug, who dragged the tired souls through a Jack Hammer ladder (5,10,15, 20-5: American Hammer & Merkin dueling ladders).


The names and faces of attendees memorialized via video for prosperity on the Twitterverse by JB and must serve as the attendance record.


It was a great honor to lead at the AO where it all started for me with F3 three plus years ago. My workouts are designed to surprise, frustrate and hopefully challenge pre-conceived notions and caps on individual ability. I love F3 and pray and hope to continue for years to come to get #BetterTogether.

Signing Off,

Slumlord (the Q of many names)