DATE:  January 22, 2020

LOCATION:  Northern High School

CONDITIONS: 19 Deg. No wind, No Rain, in a word, perfect.

PAX: See Thru, TPS, Air Ball, Foot Fairy, Crocket (RESPECT!), Hoosier, Wicked (RESPECT!), Matlock (QIC, RESPECT)

It was crisp, frigid morning at the Death Star.  YHC pulled in around 5:10 am to prove that the PAX indeed would have their Q show up and noticed that Air Ball, TPS and See Thru were already doing their thing. YHC set up for the beatdown on the only athletic field that isn’t locked up like Ft. Knox, and then we gathered by the Flag.  We waited for Shocker and Tea Party to show, but alas, they did not.


Roaming warm up around the parking lot, SSH 20 IC, Hillbillies 15 IC, Toy Soldier 15 IC; Imperial Walkers 15 IC, String Rippers 10 IC, Hammy Scoops aka Iroquois Summer 10 IC, Little Baby Arm Circles 10 IC each way, Hug Thy Self 10 IC

The Thang: on to the lacrosse practice field for Lucky 7s

The Lucky 7: four cones set up on the corners of the field.  at each cone, the pax does 7 of the same exercise then runs to the next and 7 of the same until all four cones complete, then 14 of another at each cone around the field, 21 of another, 28 of another, 21 of another, 14 of another, then 7 of another.  Seven laps around the perimeter of the field total.

The exercises completed were as follows (totals):

7-Burpees (28 total)

14-Bonnie Blairs (56)

21-Merkins (84)

28-Copperhead Squats (112)

21-Drydocks (84)

14-Prisoner Get-ups (56)

7-Divebomber Merkins (28)

All pax completed the cycle and then moseyed to the Flag for Mary:


-Fast Freddie Mercury 25 IC

-LBCs 25 IC

-Hammers 10 IC


-See thru apologized for giving me flack about missing my Q at Circle Time a while back.  The definition of Matlocked is now restored to the Udders version.

-The PAX at Death Star is batting around an AO merkin challenge to support Pushups for Playgrounds.  Who is in?


-When we hit the field, Wicked claimed we were “Crushing the Cell Walls”, i.e., trampling the frozen grass.  This term caused Hoosier and Foot Fairy to break out into song… then we did Burpees.

-Xerox really needs to do some pushups, donate to his website, here is the link:

COT:  Wicked took us out.  Thanks brother and congrats on joining the RESPECT club!