DATE: January 7, 2020

Time: 5:30 am

Place: Greensboro Day School Track

Temp:  Crisp, borderline frigid.

PAX:  Birds Nest, Gilligan, Simone, Everest, Don’t Cha Know, Hall Pass, WOODY, Wojo, Maneater, Norwood, Red Dragon, Air Ball, Drizzle, Long Time, Patch, Xerox, TPS, Mr Belding, Crawlspace, Schnitzel, Hazmat, Matlock (QIC)

YHC Pulled up to the AO not expecting many pax to post today, just the usual S&B suspects.  As expected, Air Ball was there stretching his glutes.  Everest was there shivering like a human Popsicle.  TPS was there engaging in mumblechatter.  Drizzle was running the track, cause the normal beatdown ain’t never enough for Driz.  To my surprise, we ended up with 22 pax with a Woody and Birds Nest sighting to boot.  And to cap it off, Mr. Freaking. Belding.

This is was going to a great morning.

YHC gave the disclaimer, and then shared that my father used to give me advice: 1) Son, you probably don’t want to eat that, and 2) sometimes, you can’t take shortcuts in life.  So this beat down was going the long way.

WARMARAMA:  200 yard mosey then SSH 15 IC, then Abe Vigodas 10 IC.  Luckily there were no friendlies running the track or they would have been engulfed by the hoard.  Another 200 yd mosey then Copperhead Squats 15 IC- Wait, what was that, Wojo?  A plane? Coming over us?  Right Now?  AIR RAID! (yes, we are doing 5 burpees OYO)

Where were we? Right, Leg Swingers 10 IC each leg.

THE THANG:  YHC hasd tweeted a cryptic message about what were going to do in the preblast:  NAM8200.

Naturally, this generated a number of responses from the PAX, including a bizarre stream of conscious rant from my man, Jitterbug.  Not sure what that was about, but I hope you are okay, JB.

PART One:  NAM:  Native American Mile:  4 laps of the double applesauce mosey, however the pax ran on lane 6 (hence no shortcuts) and passed back to front on Lane 5.

Break: 10 count then 20 Merkins on my down.  (Yes we did merkins at a track workout)

Part 2: 8 200:  The Udders 200 was reincarnated.  Each PAX did 8 200 sprints each.  All the pax finished their 8 reps (no shortcuts) with tremendous support and encouragement from the others.  Smoked.

Recovery:  10 count, recovery walk 50 yards; then “nice, easy buttkickers” (don’t Google that), then mosey back to the flag


Everyone was checking their watches, so 20 Merkins on my down (yes we did more merkins at a running workout)

15 LBCs IC

Wait, what was that you say, Wojo?  Another plane? Coming over us?  Right Now?  AIR RAID! (yes, we are doing 5 more burpees OYO)

One American Hammer IC


-Watch out for those hurdles Norwood, they will get ya.

-Great to have Hall Pass come for the first time.  Also, great to have Gilligan and Woody out as well, although Woody claims he is never coming back.

-Decent job by Xerox, could have been a little faster.  Not bad.  Not great either.

-Wojo, thanks for reminding me about the planes.  It was like Fantasy Island out there… “The Plane, boss!”



-HDHH at Southend Brewery tomorrow 5pm-until…

COT:  Long time took us out.  Thanks brother.

Cobains on running over time, fellas.

It was a pleasure to lead all of you this morning.  Until next time,