It was Lit’l Dux VQ and there was excitement in the air for he was about to kick some dairy aire. Check it out…


MOTIVATOR [SSH, Seal Jacks, Half-Jacks & Bunny Hop for 10, 9, 8, 7… as in, Pax do 10 of each movement, then 9 of each and so and so forth]


Instruction: 10 reps each movement per set. Run to top of hill. Do 5 Burpees & run back. Complete 10 Sets. 6 Rounds Conquered.

  1. Merkins
  2. Lunge w/ stone
  3. Thruster w/ stone
  4. Bridge off shoulders w/ stone
  5. Superman-Banana w/ stone (10 Single Count pulses: Superman/10 SC pulses: Banana)

THANG 2 (If time allows)

JUMP by Van Halen. AMRAP of three movements for duration of song.



American Hammer IC x50 [Yes, you read that correctly and YES!, 50 IC American Hammers were done]

Red Dragon, Buy Righter, Patino, Daughtry, TPS, Cotton Tail & QIC-Lit’l Dukes aka Slumlord aka …


5 Year F3 Greensboro Anniversary

YHC Voluntold to be become AO Site Q of Son of a Bench by unanimous decree. I am honored by the vote of confidence. Lit’l Dux shirts in the planning stage as we speak.


It was a great morning with hard work attached to make it even better and all done before the Sun showed up. Not bad. It was a day of days. It was an American Day as Red Dragon would say. T-Claps to all of Natville’s faithful.