On a dark and misty September morn’ in Lower Summerfield…


Motivator (Reverse Ladder 10,9,8…1: Side Straddle Hop, Seal Jack, Closed-Arm Jack & Lateral Bunny Hop) *Pax IC count down from 10-1 for each movement in sequence [Ex: 10 SSH, 10 SJ, 10 CAJ…]


White Horse

In the spirit of 1984’s greatest hits, Q calls out random sequence of movements while “Jump” by Van Halen plays [AMRAP of Star Jumps, Bouncing Bettys (not quite a Jump Lunge) & Al Gore w/ pulse *Gorilla and Monkey Humpers thrown in to add the little “extra”]

Red Horse

“Merkerana” [AMRAP Plank Jacks w/ a Merkin each time Macarena is sung] *this is a real crowd-pleaser

Black Horse

“Thunderstruck” [AMRAP of Side Straddle Hop (jumping jacks) w/ a Burpee every time “thunderstruck” is said]

Pale Horse

Jack Hammer [LADDER: 5,10,15,20-5: American Hammer (Russian Twist in cadence) w/ equal number of Merkins. Ex: 5 count AH then flip over for 5 Merkins…and finish last round with AMRAP of Merkins to last Pax gives up or Q calls it quits.


Inch Worms [x10] for the cool down.


JR, Cotton Tail, Misfire, ESL & Slumlord-QIC


3rdF at Super Starbucks


YHC prayed us out.