• Saturday September 14, 2019
  • 0700 – 0800

Arrived at the AO a little early with Messi Mozart to layout the pain stations. Moseyed back to the flag to find 8 Mile prepping for morning and wondered if it may be the 3 of us. Right on time the rest of the Pax rolled in hot and we launched.


Messi Mozart, Houlihan, Square Root, 8 Mile (Respect), Estrogen, HBO, Doughboy, Rodney Boone – FNG, Bruce Lee – QIC

Glad to have Rodney join us today. He met up with the Pax that assembled for 2nd F at Biscuitville after last week’s Wakanda workout. Square showed the Pax the ABCs of EHing a new member of the Pax and we all benefited from having Rodney with us today. The mission was affirmed, a disclaimer was dispensed and we launched with a nice little mosey leading up to:

The Warm-A-Rama

  • Motivators starting at a 7 count
  • Windmills (holding a 3 count on each side) x 10 IC
  • Sun Gods x 15 IC, Chinooks x 15 IC, Sun Gods (in reverse) x 15 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 20
  • The Pax lined up on one side of the Lincoln Academy parking lot and performed the following exercises to the opposite side:
    • High Knees
    • Butt Kickers
    • Karaoke back and forth

With muscle groups sufficiently warmed we moseyed to the circle sidewalk just outside of the football stadium for:

The Thang part 1

The Pax would move around the circle by using a combination of exercises in a multiplying ratio of 1 rep/4reps, 2 reps/8reps, etc

  • Merkin/Bear Crawl (1 Merkin, then 4 strides of Bear Crawl; 2 Merkins then 8 strides of Bear Crawl, and so on); the Pax moved half way around the circle like this, then held a Plank for the six. After a 10 count, we continued our way back to the starting point by:
  • Squat/Lunge with the same accumulating 1:4 ratio; the Pax then held Al Gore for the six and once reassembled we had another 10 count.

The Pax then moseyed down to the track for the Main Thang:

Cones were set up on the four corners of the track, the pax would perform an exercise at each of the 4 corners. At the first corner the pax performed 5 reps, the second corner 10 reps, the third corner 15 reps, the fourth corner 20 reps. Then a new exercise would be performed for the second lap with the same ascending 5, 10, 15, 20 reps at each of the four corners. The exercises were:

  • Merkins
  • Lt Dans
  • Gas Pumps
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Wojo Squats
  • Box Cutters
  • Plank Jacks
  • Jump Squats

After 4 laps of inspiring effort and camaraderie, YHC called OMAHA and the Pax moseyed back to the flag for:


Staying with the multiplying ratio of the day it only seemed fitting that Captain Thor be the Mary exercise of the day.

The Pax completed Captain Thor (1 WWIIs sit-up, 4 American Hammers IC) up to 5:20 and,



Namarama – We were glad to welcome Rodney Boone into the Pax today. Rodney is the Principal  at Middle College at GTCC-Greensboro. He enjoys working out daily and has a hobby of cooking and baking pound cakes. The Pax picked up on the themes of Principal and Chef and the name Boyardee emerged. Welcome Boyardee!

TAPS for:

  • Gilligan – successful open-heart surgery on Friday 9/13 to replace a heart valve; he is recovering and could be moved to a step down room this weekend
  • 8 Mile – for his unborn grand-daughter that the baby would be healthy and carried to full term


  • Men’s breakfast at 8 Mile’s church at 9am
  • 3rd F at A Special Blend (on Market Street)