5 PAX showed up.  Disclaimer with YHC on the Q:  Not a professional but we are invigorating male leadership.


Warmarama while we wait on Golden Corral

Side straddle hops

Sun gods


String rippers


Mosey to the parking deck.  Detour around the baseball stadium due to a crane.  Cobains as that added significant mileage.  Plank for the six.

YHC explains that the Folk Festival was over the weekend.  It was free for the public.  That’s awesome.  Problem is, someone has to pay for it.  The parking deck requires downpainment tolls.  We are just the PAX to provide.

Mosey up the Corkscrew.  Stop at every level for a toll.

Toll is 15 Merkins.  Then keep moseying up.


The Thang

Four corners around each parking level as toll before we head down to the next level.  All PAX move together per level at their own pace completing:

Corner 1 – Bonus Corner – 5x of whatever special exercise Q decides

Corner 2 – 10x “your choice” merkins or merkin-like exercise

Corner 3 – 15x LBC or LBC-like exercise of PAX choice

Corner 4 – 20x Squats or squat-like exercise of PAX choice

Run between corners to the next corner.  Plank for the six at top of down ramp.  Planks ended up being six inch planks often.  The four corners went like this:

Top level – 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 LBCs, 20 squats

Next level down – 5 Mike Tysons, 10 dherkins, 15 box cutters, 20 Al Gores

Next level down – 5 jump squats, 10 ranger merkins, 15 low dolleys, 20 lunges

Next level down – 5 goofballs courtesy of Golden Corral, 10 merkins, 15 freddies, 20 Woj Squats

Next level down – 5 Turkish getups courtesy of Bruce Lee, Omaha back to the flag.


Moseying out of parking deck.  Plank for six.  Mosey to flag.



PAX led exercises – 4 different in a row, then 20x American Hammers to end it



Announcements – Sign up for next community housing solutions days.  Join us tomorrow AM for the 9/11 event.

COT – Golden Corral took us out.  TClaps


Went inside and setup breakfast at Grace.

PAX – 6 – Dial Up, Ozone, Golden Corral, Bruce Lee, Magellan, YHC

What an honor to serve it was.  Thanks brothers.