“Good writers borrow from other writers.  Great writers steal from them outright.”

-Sam Seaborn

As site Q for the Crater, YHC made a promise to himself that he was going to do a better job of contacting the upcoming Q’s before their workouts, and not just leaving it until 4:30 on Sunday afternoon.  So after checking the Q sheet on Friday afternoon while leaving work, YHC found that he was the next Q, and had the whole weekend to come up with ideas.  First looking through the binder of past workouts that YHC had Q’d, and seeing a similar, somewhat tired theme, YHC went to the well and found some of the beatdowns led by our dear brother Slumlord.  With that inspiration, YHC went to work, planned the beatdown, printed Wienke’s, and sent a generic, yet cryptic preblast tweet.

PAX: Bushwood, Sir Charles (Respect!), Bruce Lee, Snookie (Respect!), Fannie, Joystick, Wojo, Ramses, Stretch (Respect!), Bobby Knight, Nomad, Bed Bug, Puddle Jumper QiC

It was a humid 70 degrees at the Crater when YHC rolled up to plant the flag and set the course.  Once the EC runners had finished their loop, YHC gave the F3 Mission and Disclaimer and the PAX moseyed out to the circle for Warm a Rama.


Side Straddle Hops x20 In Cadence

Slow Windmills (4 count each leg) x 10 1

Moroccan Night Clubs x12 In Cadence

Chinooks x12 In Cadence

String Rippers x10

Mountain Climbers x 15

The quick WaR left plenty of time for the Thang, which was set up in the bus parking lot of Jefferson ES.  The PAX moseyed to the back lot and lined up on the baseline for the explanation of the Thang.


The premise was simple, do the prescribed movement to the cone, do all the exercises on the Weinke, then go to the next station.  From the starting point, the first movement was the bear crawl.

Station 1:

25 Squats

25 Merkins

25 LBC’s

25 Mountain Climbers In Cadence

Crab Walk forward to the next station

Station 2:

25 Wojo Squats

25 Werkins

25 Dying Cockroaches In Cadence

25 Plank Jacks

Dragon Walk to the next station

Station 3:

25 Lieutenant Dans

25 Ranger Merkins

25 World War II Sit Ups

Army Crawl to the next station (#crowdpleaser)

Station 4:

Imperial Squat Walkers

25 Carolina Dry Docks

25 Freddy Mercury’s In Cadence

Lunge Walk to final station

Station 5:


10 each of

Merkins, Werkins, Derkins, Knerkins, Clap Merkins (Clerkins), Finger Tip Merkins (Jacky Chan), Archer Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, FiA Merkins (on knees)

The original plan was to work our way back to the beginning of the circuit, but YHC and the PAX were gassed so an early Omaha was called at 0605.  The PAX moseyed the long way around the field back to the flag for an extended Mary.

6 Minutes of Mary

Broga 3

Leg Push Down the Line (working title) 3


Cindy Crawford

Heel Touch/Back Scratcher

Crunchy Frogs – Bruce Lee

Homer/Marge – Stretch

Low Slow Flutter

American Hammer


-September 11th Memorial Stair Climb.  0500 Launch from the Local Honey AO. Mosey to and from the 9/11 memorial then climbing 110 flights of stairs in the Bellmeade Deck.

-Sully is having his VQ at the Crater next Monday

-Gilligan is going to the Cleveland Clinic for open heart surgery on Friday.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

-Paint the Town on September 21st.  There is a Signup Genius on Twitter for this great service opportunity.

-Don’tCha Know is doing well and feeling better

-Heisenberg seems to be doing better

-The Greensboro Ruck Club Facebook Page is live.  If you’re interested in rucking, this is a great opportunity to meet new people outside of F3, and there is the possibility that we could have some ruckers come to the 9/11 Stair Climb on Wednesday.  This isn’t designed to be an F3 thing per se, but to be another opportunity to make an impact in our community.

-Quaker Crater F3 Shirts should be coming soon.  If you have design ideas, send a DM to the Quaker Crater Twitter account and there will be another Twitter poll to vote on the finalists.

The PAX took a knee and YHC led us out


-You know it’s a great beatdown when you get texts after the fact talking about how smoked people were.  Great job pushing yourselves today, men!

-TClaps to Wojo and Bed Bug for pushing through with their injuries.  Today wasn’t easy for anyone, and glad you could come out and make the most out of an injury.

1 Thanks Nomad for the inspiration for this WaR exercise.  It’s one of my favorites that YHC includes whenever he Q’s

2 Thanks to Slummy for the Mall Cop Merkin Mania.  Not sure of the origin, but it’s definitely a crowd pleaser

3 Another Nomad favorite.  Thank you for the inspiration and fresh ideas