September 7, 2019 at Nordic track

pax. Virus, misfire, eggplant, Udders, Polo, Daughtry, glow, nutmeg, double check and TPS.

It had been months since I had Q’d out at Nordic tract or maybe it’s been months since I had been asked to Q out there not sure. Either way somehow site coordinator virus let it slide and invited me back to the Shire for this wonderful sunshiny Saturday morning.

The only problem was I had not formalized all of my ideas for the workout. Here are some of the highlights:

Introduction of the everything bagel to the Nordic track pax. Special thanks to glow for playing along.

Time spent on the giant steps by the baseball diamond doing step ups, dips, Bulgarian split squats and finishing with more dips.

Bear crawl from the bottom of the sloped parking lot to the speedbump

The thing was an out right steal of what square had us do Monday at Wakanda partnered up one man top of the stairs and back while other does an exercise. My watch gave us credit for 43 flights of stairs and plenty of sweat.

Finished up with a circle of hate each man choosing an ab exercise 15 count in cadence.

Nutmeg requested everything bagels.

Daughtry was smart enough to ask for a sausage and egg biscuit.