PAX practice their spelling and literally get down to some funky beats

You can partially blame Spotify for this. When YHC turned on his Discover Weekly podcast the other week, and the sounds of “Wide Awake” by Parquet Courts came through the earbuds, YHC knew he was using this. I mean, seriously, could it be more perfect? As one of the PAX pointed out, it’s all about those bongos. Lordamercy YHC darn near Q’ed an impromptu beatdown right there in the office. So Nancy, you were almost right when you said that was all that YHC had planned for this morning. But a 2:30 min beatdown wouldn’t do, so a few more things were added and it turned out like this:


  • SSH/Burpee fest via afore linked song
  • 10x 4-count windmills
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • 20x String Rippers (or whatever the heck they’re called, burpees got to the brain)

Mosey down towards W Market and back along the trail to the back parking lot for…

The Thang:

YHC is still working on this game… not sure it was quite ready for primetime but either way the PAX got to play it.

  • 8 sheets of paper are posted in a shape roughly resembling a circle.
  • Each sheet has a single letter on it, one exercise/rep count, and a movement (for instance it might say E, 20 merkins, broad jump)
  • PAX pull a 4-letter word out of a bag that is spelled with the letters on the posted papers.
  • Every time you approach a block to check the letter, you must perform that exercise, and then travel to the next block you choose using the listed motion.
  • PAX must find the letters to spell their word, and then the word must be spelled in the correct order. If you arrive at a wrong block and spell it incorrectly, you must start the spelling over.

Simple, right? So easy a caveman could understand it at 5:45 in the morning after just completing 20 burpees… Summoning courage and a will to win, the tenacious PAX eventually got the hang of it and YHC believes everyone spelled at least one word.  YHC had originally planned to do this in an area of the AO that had a ring of 8 benches on which to tape the letters, but it rained earlier this week and that area was a swamp. So YHC grabbed the ol’ trusty concrete blocks and they filled in admirably. The only challenge was they needed to be carried back to the car. So Thang pt 2 commenced:

  • PAX broke into 4 groups
  • 1 PAX started farmer carrying two of the blocks while remaining PAX in the group dropped and did 20 pickle pushers.
  • Pickle-pushing PAX jumped up and ran to catch up with block-carrying PAX fox-and-the-hound style.
  • Continue until blocks conveniently arrive beside YHC’s trunk.

From there we went to the roundball court for:


  • A surprise encore to the SSH/Burpee fest, this time to the sweet synthesized sounds of Daft Punk’s “One More Time“. YHC can confirm that contrary to what the song said, PAX were not celebrating.
  • 20 LSFs
  • 20 American Hammers to close it out


  • Miles for Matthew at the end of September. F3 has a team, see Nancy for deets.
  • Iron Pax thing is starting next week
  • J-Love took us out

Paula Deen