YHC is still recovering from Monday beatdown by Gunny. Everyone at Quaker Crater agreed it was terrible, just terrible. Wanted to fartsack on Tuesday, only to remember that I had signed up to Q Shakeweight. Hey but the good thing is that I get to pick the exercises.

PAX: Poehler, Streamer, Norwood, Phoenix, Houlihan, TJ Hooker, Radiator, Bulldog (QIC), Fanny, Mallcop, Etch-a-Sketch

Disclaimer given, mission of F3 reiterated, proceed to
Warmarama: SSH, Sun Gods, Cotton Picker, then
Explained to PAX this is a grinder, one side are exercises with weights, the other side are stretching exercises. Stretching exercises had some broga poses that were demonstrated. Amarap until relieved, then run to other end to relieve partner. Teams of 3 were formed and went after it:

Exercises at one end: curls, shoulder press, wojo squats, SSH, squat with coupon, Elf on the Shelf
Stretches at the other end: runner’s pose, warrior 1, warrior2, warrior3, plank w left arm up, plank w right arm up, Windmill

YHC actually had planned 10 exercises at each end but we omaha’d at 6:10 for

quad stretch
hamstring stretch
hamstring stretch, left side
hamstring stretch, right side
20 American hammer

Good work men! Stretching is a vital part of our fitness and as a group we don’t do it enough. And as I have been told its better to stretch muscles after light to moderate exercise to allow muscles to loosen up.

Mallcop: sign up for Shakeweight Q
Coffeeteria at Caribou Coffee
Tclaps to pax taking on StreetWatch, which went really well last Sunday.

Good to chat with Houlihan on injuries. Interesting dynamic between TJ Hooker (22 years in the police force, #HIM) and Houlihan.