One of the most important things we can do to build a community to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership, is to honor the High Impact Men amongst us. One such quinquagenarian (A person between 50 and 59) well on his way to becoming a sexagenarian (a person between 60 and 69), is Natville’s own Xerox, aka Grumpy Ol’ Man, Nickle-Six, get off my lawn, etc… So, with that in mind, YHC put together the most family friendly, X-rated, and Xtreme workout to eXalt the the one the only the Xerox, Ms. Graham if you’re nasty. All got better.


Abe Begoda (Xerox non-counting-the cadence count does not match the movement count for ICx20)

After a brief intro and disclaimer, YHC gave the low-down, down-low, no doubt.


*Original Plan

Pax as a group perform a movement set and take fast lap around the school

**Impromptu Plan

Pax as a group perform a movement set and take a fast lap around the parking lot. YHC set the count IC & SC pocket-Q style in response to Pax response levels.

  1. Star Jump
  2. X’s & O’s
  3. Plank Jack-X-Style (also known as super wide in & out high-low Merkins)
  4. Super Man in X formation w/ pulses (melon squeezers)
  5. Xerkin (Double-Wide X formation Merkin)
  6. Abe Begoda
  7. Donkey Kick
  8. Dragon Crawl (from the Flag to the Trees of Bliss and back)
  9. Al Gore Toe Touches w/ arms fully extended in X formation
  10. Prisoner Get Up w/ Ladder Star Jump [from standing position with arms in Copperhead position, Down on right knee, then left knee, up onto right foot, then left foot, then three (3) Jump Squats on the first round all the way up to ten (10)]
  11. Mallcop’s Merkin Mania [regular, ranger, archer (L&R) & Sphinx)


Jack Hammer (American Hammer IC for five (5) all the way up to twenty (20). *YHC cut it short for time.


Longtime-Xerox, Huffy-Xerox-RESPECT, See Thru-Xerox, Boones Farm-Xerox, Crockett-Xerox-RESPECT & Slumlord-Lit ’l Xerox-QIC


When YHC was having budget challenges a couple years ago and wanted to go to the GOMR, Xerox and possibly others, stepped up and sponsored by entrance fee. I will never forget it because the GOMR has been one of the greatest highlights of my year for the last three years. It is more than a race. It is a community thing. It is a friendship thing. It is a generosity thing. It is a lot of things. I know it does not sound like much, but like the old saying’ goes, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. The workouts are important, but they are not what F3 is about. It is about a bunch of guys from different backgrounds, economics, beliefs and starting points coming together to build community and #GetBetter.