PAX of 19 was courageous enough to show up on this very, very steamy morning. YHC had honor to lead and with lots of moseying, a lot of steaming was going on, with some coming out of the PAX’s ears.

No FNG’s and after mission statement and disclaimer, off for the first mosey to warm-a-rama at Safety Town


PAX: Sacked, Schnitzel, Flatrate, Michelin Man, Yeti, Wicked, Spam, Sir Isaac, Mudflap, Wingman, Patch, Apollo, Brutus, Rocket, Simone, Sendek, Bones, Ozone, Windmill (QIC)



Wndmill (15), Sungod (2 x15), Hillbilly (15), String Ripper (15), Copperhead Squat (20). To wake PAX up and reduce high initial level of mumblechatter, 10, 15 and 20 Merkins after exercise 2,3 and 4


The Thang

Another mosey into the cemetery. Two stations on top and bottom of a hill and two teams

Top of hill:

Carolina Drydocks (20), Crab Cakes (20), Plank Jacks 30 and Merkins (30). After each exercise Bear Crawl to station at bottom of the hill

Bottom of hill:

Crunchy Frogs (20), Lo-slo Flutters (20), Dying Cockroach (20) and LBC’s (30). After each exercise, Lt. Dan to top of the hill.

Next, mosey to top of Wicked hill and then slow mosey down the hill. Big surprise, run back up the hill and there 20 WW1 Sit-ups. Back down again. Idea was some more runs up, but time was getting short.

Another mosey heading back to flag. Stop at shelter, there 20 Dips and 20 Derkins. Next mosey to other shelter and on request and as grand finale 15 Sterkins.

Indian run back to flag and by then PAX covered about 2.8 miles.

For the Mary Low Dollies (20) and American Hammers (30)


Sacked took us out