Shower Slammy’s Smackdown

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

PAX: Nancy, Drifter (Kotters!), Fried Rice, Short Circuit, Maneater, Golden Corral, Sir Charles (Respect!), Fletch (Respect!), Bushwood, Gunny, HUD, Puddle Jumper QiC

It was a typical humid Natville morning in the Gloom that seemed much warmer than the 72 degrees on the car thermometer.  The PAX assembled on the basketball court near the shovel flag for the usual 0530 launch.  After the F3 Mission and Disclaimer, and seeing that there were no FNG’s, we jumped right in.


Mosey to wind chimes

Side Straddle Hops – 20 in cadence

Mountain Climbers – 15 in cadence

Slow Abe Vigodas – 10 in cadence, 4 count on each leg

Mosey to the large parking lot

Hillbilly’s – 10 in cadence

Moroccan Night Club – 10 in cadence

YHC then explained the Thang, which was a fairly standard 3 man grinder.  First station was at the bottom of the hill and second station was near the top, by the concessions stand.

Station 1:


Plank Jacks

Freddy Mercury’s

Carolina Dry Docks

Iron Cockroach

Ranger Merkins

Alabama Prom Dates

Station 2:

Copperhead Squats

Imperial Walkers

Mary Catherine’s

Lieutenant Dan’s

Imperial Squat Walkers

Al Gore (hold until relieved)

Near the halfway point, YHC realized that I had misjudged the distance between stations when setting up the course, so the first station was moved back toward the fence.  All teams completed 1 full circuit and most got through parts of a second before Omaha was called at 0605.  After a quick mosey back to the basketball court, YHC started Mary.


The Steinl

There was a mini-mutiny at this point, where one PAX attempted to start Name-a-Rama, but YHC persisted and the whole routine was completed.  #crowdpleaser

After the Steinl, Mary continued with 20 LBC’s in cadence, Body Destroyers, then 10 American Hammer’s in cadence.

YHC challenged the PAX to look for the Sky Q’s spirit and grace throughout the week and to let that guide the PAX through their week.  Afterward, YHC led the group out in prayer.


-F3 Kids this Saturday at a location to be determined.  0700 or 0800 launch.  Check the F3 Kids twitter @F3KidsGSO for details

-Gunny led the 3rd F discussion on Shared Leadership.  Looking at the weather forecast, YHC had picked up a bottle of cold brew coffee, not knowing that Cornhole would be DR.  TClaps to Gunny for the donation of the relatively clean cups and for leading a great discussion.

-Keep Gilligan in your prayers as he recovers and is close to coming home


-Kotters to Drifter for coming back out after 8 or 9 months on the IR recovering from a knee injury.  Way to put in the work today!

-Great to see Maneater out at the AO, but sorry to disappoint that the first S in the AO did not stand for “shower”.  Not sure what the FiA’s walking by thought when they saw Maneater standing in a towel during the 3rd F time.

As always, it was an honor to lead and thanks for the support this morning.

-Puddle Jumper


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