Nordic Tract Fireworks at July 4th Convergence

When   7/4/19

QIC’s: Udders, Virus, Snowflake

The Pax:  Long Time, Daughtry, Sendek, Tommy Boy, Sacked (respect), Mr. Belding (respect), Red Dragon, Hooker, Eggplant (respect), Fried Rice, Brandy (respect), Snookie (respect), See Thru, Fannie, Cecil, Boone’s Farm, Ricola, Puddle Jumper, Khakis, Sir Purr (respect), Ozone, Polo, Pitino, Patch, Misfire, Bedbug, Airball, TPS, Bruce Lee, Messi Mozart, Heisenberg (respect), Wojo, Matlock, Short Circuit, Magellan, Radiator (respect), Haz-Mat (respect), Cross Check, Stretch (respect), Stubing, Spaulding (F3 Lake Norman), Earhart, Triple Threat, Double Trouble, Pinto, Fins (respect), Viagara, J-Woww, Slum Lord, Awkward, Stryker, STP (Respect), Houlihan, Phoenix, Dovetail, Sneakers, FNG’s: Jordan (Fried Rice 2.0), Kung Pao (Fried Rice 2.0), Tree Hugger (Michael Hale)


It was a cool, low humidity morning when the PAX gathered in the Gloom of Northwest High School. But that only lasted for a second. Virus had timed the sprinklers perfectly for one of the three pain stations so everyone could stay hydrated. Little did the PAX know what was in store. The Nordic Tract AO provides so many options. The F3 mission statement and disclaimers were delivered and we set off on the shortest mosey in F3 history.  This is what followed:

Warm a rama

SSH – 20IC
Imperial Walkers – 15IC
Sun Gods – 12IC each way
Windmills – 15IC
String rippers – 15IC

The Pax counted off by 3’s.  Group 1 followed Snowflake to the hill, Group 2 followed Virus to the now very damp field, and Group 3 followed Udders to the stadium. Each group spent ~12 minutes at the station and then rotated. YHC admits I had way too much fun blowing the whistle to indicate it was time to change stations. I had not done that for more than 8 years (my last time coaching youth soccer).

The Thang

I. The Hill-(3-man grinder) – AMRAP until relieved

 Station A – “Freedom”

Freddie Mercury
Ranger Merkins
El Capitan (deep lunge, both hands touch the ground by front foot)
Dancing Chilcutt (Elbow Plank w/alternating leg lifts in cadence)
Obama (44th President – Bear Crawl – 4 hand moves; then 4 merkins, repeat)
Monkey Humpers

Station B – “Justice”

Jump Squats
Up Downs (high knees, 5 each leg, then hit the dirt – rinse and repeat)
Seal Jacks
Turkish Get-ups
Imperial Walkers
Crab Cakes
E2K (will be a repeat if we get that far)

II. The Sprinkler Field

Army Crawl 10 to 20 yards
20 Merkins
20 LBC
20 Copperhead Squats

Dragon Crawl (low bear crawl) to next Marker
20 Carolina Dry Docks
20 Freddie Mercury
20 Imperial Walkers

Bear Crawl to next Marker
20 Wide Merkins
20 American Hammer
20 Lunges

Duck Walk to next Marker
20 Hand Release Merkins
20 Crab Cakes
20 Star Jumps

Lt. Dan to next marker
20 Diamond Merkins
20 Dying Cockroach
20 Calf Raises

Mosey rest of the way to end of field 5 burpees then repeat back across the field in reverse order (starting with Lt. Dan) until time is up.

III. The Stadium

Run to top of Bleachers and back down
2 Squats
Run to top of Bleachers and back down
3 squats
Run to Top of Bleachers and back down
4 squats
Run to Top of Bleachers and back down
5 squats
Run to Top of Bleachers and back down

Mosey to track
17 Merkins
7 Burpees
6 Calf Raises

Run 1 Lap

50 yards of Lt Dan’s

Rinse/repeat until time is called


Song Time:  “Living In America” by James Brown

4 Plankjacks for every “Living in America/Live in America” sung
American Hammer X 20 IC


  • #gilliganstrong – keep him in your prayers and reach out to him via the Caring Bridge site
  • Camp Trip July 19-21 – connect with Sacked for details and sign-up


  1. Great to see Eggplant and Sendek back in the gloom #kotters
  2. By the third station, everyone (especially YHC) was gassed. Way to push through it.
  3. The 2.0’s ran circles around YHC. If they would at least sweat a little while doing it, it would make me feel better.
  4. Super way to celebrate the 4th. It is all about coming together and being there to support each other.
  5. I don’t think Tree Hugger likes his name which makes it perfect. Word is Stubing called it and then hid behind other PAX.
  6. Thanks to Matlock for providing coffeteria.

Details for the Labor Day Convergence will be available soon.

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