I had been warned that Shake and Bake is a “running workout”. I thought it was a track workout. Taking this feedback into account, I put together a “track workout”. Here is what we did.


Thunderstruck (country version)

To the song “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, Pax perform an AMRAP of Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks to the layman) and do a burpee every time the word “thunder” or “thunderstruck” is sung.


At opposite corners of the 400 meter track, Pax perform a super-set of three exercises.

Station A

  1. Mary Katherine (Jump Lunges) [10 Single Count]
  2. Donkey Kick [10 Single Count]
  3. Burpee [10 Single Count]

Station B

  1. Al Gore (Seated Static 90 degree Squat) with Alternating Toe-Touch [10 Single Count]
  2. Jump Squat with Butt Kick [10 Single Count]
  3. And I forget the third exercise. [10 Single Count]

In between stations, Pax did a Sprint Ladder increasing in percentage of effort from 50%-85% respectively. After sprints, Pax did Backward Running and Karaoke to spice things up.


Bring Sally Up

Following along with the song, “Bring Sally Up”, Pax start in a Standard Plank position and descend into a Six-Inch-Plank position when the word “down” is sung and return to a Standard Plank position when the word “up” is sung.


TPS, Longtime, Ketchup, Air Ball, Fomage-Respect, Everest-Respect, Xerox-Respect, Slag-Respect, Man-eater, Red Dragon, Wicked-sort of respect, Halitosis & Slumlord-QIC


Xerox is Q at Death Star

5th Annual F3 Camping Trip


As men get older, not everything is as functional may have been in past days. So, YHC wanted to honor the grumpster, the legend, the man aka Xerox with a little tribute to past glory and present hope. To honor this H.I.M., YHC rewarded Mr. Graham with the magical lei of Kahoolawe.