Opening the sauna door at Shakeweight

YHC was asked about 15 months ago if I could Q at the best subterranean workout in Natville. Today was the day the promise was fulfilled. Who cares if the Site-Q changed since then?

Determined to not be in middle of the sweatbox, the workout area was moved to the entrance corner were the pax were greeted by a decent cross breeze and an on-looker in a black Ford. YHC thinks he was just jealous of the muscles the pax displayed today.

The pax was greeted by the usual disclaimer & mission. Followed by a quick mosey and instructions to grab their weights and head to the corner of the parking deck.


Pax: Dont’ Cha Know, Shocker, Phoenix, Snowflake, Bruce Lee, Radiator, Tea Party, Khakis, Boones Farm, Guiding Light, Bodett


SSH x 20 IC

String Ripper x 15 IC

Mt. Climber x 15 IC

Imperial Walker x 20 IC


Pax was introduced to 2 sandbabies. These sandbags were handed to pax on opposite sides of the circle. Pax were instructed to carry sandbag up the hill to the intersection and back then hand the sandbaby to the next pax going clockwise. The remaining pax did the following:

40 seconds on, 8 seconds rest between exercises

  •  TABLE PRESS–switch arms at 30 seconds
  • KB Swing


  • Lunge with rotation


  • Tricep Extention


  • Plank with Row


  • Good Mornings


  • Lunge with Pass through


  • Curls


  • Turkish Get-ups


  • Squat jumps –rotate 90, 180, 270, 0

Three rounds of the above were completed. Pax each got 2 hikes up the hill with the sandbaby. Between set 2 & 3 pax got a 10 count and 20 SSH.

Pre-mary: Circled up shoulder to shoulder facing out. Passed sandbaby to right- complete burpees after your pass. After 2 rounds, added a burpee. After 2 rounds, reversed to left.


LBC x 10 IC

Low Dolly x 10 IC

LBC x 10 IC

Cindy Crawford rt side x 10 IC

LBC x 10 IC

Cindy Crawford lf side x 10 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC

Announcements & Moleskin:

  • YHC apologizes to Etch & Poehler for the delay on this Q
  • If you are interested on the Camp/Hike trip, contact Sacked for details and to ensure food is there for you.



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