50 Seconds is longer

JULY 6, 2019

PAX Drizzle, Red Dragon, Misfire, AirBall, Seethru, Steely Dan, quick draw, STP, TPS


Great morning after a long week of some challenging workouts so I decided to go easy on them/me by rehashing an oldie.

Tabata-style workout except I streatched the HIIT portion to 50 secs with only 10 sec recovery. Pax quickly noticing their recovery time had been trimmed.

Highlights. Warmorama was interrupted by two deer trapped between the fence and pax. Both deer made a jailbreak down the fence line when #1 zigged he bounces off the fence and everyone chuckled.

three had time for breakfast at Jakes

Great time with the crew at Cougar Town.

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