Building Blocks at the Ruckus

The Pax

Puddle Jumper, Robin Hood, Phoenix, Mall Cop – QIC

The Thang

4 brother ruckers gathered in the gloom on June 29th for a bit of all three Fs. YHC had warned via twitter that all needed to bring gloves. As we prepared to start, YHC opened his trunk to let the PAX know why. We removed a cinder block coupon from the trunk and took turns carrying it through country park for a minute at a time. PAX had their choice of how to carry it with overhead being the preferred method.

We took break at the Veterans Memorial for a quick bit of PT which consisted of rotating through four exercised for a minute each: Squats, Step Ups, Merkins, and Coupon Curls. After two rounds we were eager get going again so we headed off.

It seemed that it was Phoenix’s lucky day. Not only did his turn to carry the coupon come up as we ascended Wicked’s Folly, it also came up during the long incline on Forest Lawn Drive. Some guys have all the luck.


  • All agreed the coupon added a nice bit of variation to the ruck. YHC thinks there is a good chance it will come back for a ruck in the future.
  • Mighty fine looking brand new ruck sack you got there Puddle Jumper. Still has that new ruck smell. Let’s keep working on that.


YHC took us out with a quick bit of thanks for the air in our lungs and the opportunity to enjoy the gloom.

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