F3 Birthday.

YHC had the privelage of being able to lead Shakeweights on his 1 year F3 Birthday. (Saturday YHC will complete another trip around the sun and will be Q’ing Northern Ruckus.)

On a perfect morning the PAX convened in the gloom in the parking garage much to the dismay of everyone present, had rained inside the garage.  Theories abound as to the cause but were dismissed as iron was there to be sharpened.



Side strattle hops x15

Shin-mills in honor of Sacked x15

String rippers x15

Chinooks forward and back x15

Mosey to ensure of the garage and 10 archer Merkins. Mosey to the other side of the garage and 10 more Archer Merkins.


The thang:

If you’ve never had a chance to experience Tabata style exercise YHC suggests trying it at least once.  This case, it was AMRAP for 20 sec. Followed by 10 seconds of rest. Three sets were performed of the following work:

Clean and press




Merkins*  which was totally labeled wrong as push-ups.  (I promise I wont let it happen again)


Jack Webb’s

Side strattle hops* again labeled wrong as jumping jacks. (oops, I did it again)

Tricep extention

Bent rows.

To cool down we again mosey to the other side of the garage and do 21 meekins, reversed, and repeated the sequence at the other side. YHC will be 42 in a few days. It was one of several gifts the PAX gave.


Mary consisted of almost all core work,  low slow flutters, LBCs, situps dying cockroaches, monkey jumpers.  Finally 1 American Hammer as that’s how my first beatdown ended. (Shout out to Red Dragon)


In attendance:  Mallcop, Phoenix, Cecil, Etch-a-sketch, Dont-Cha-Know and P-O-H-L-E-R.  Q Robin hood.  Mall cop took us out.


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