DATE: 06/17/2019, the 25th Anniversary of OJ’s white Ford Bronco chase, so it’s probably good that no FNG’s were present…

TIME: 5:30 in the AM

PLACE: Jesse Wharton Elem. parking lot, which is now devoid of orange traffic cones.


Drizzle (nice white shorts, this Q approves)

See-Thru (in full beast mode, as usual)

Steely Dan (Hey 19!)

Speaker City (Kotters!)

Naked Gun (this is the guy you want with you in the Gloom, he don’t play)

Xerox (Less grumpy then usual)

Huffy (without the bike this morning)

Hush Puppy (tanned and too rested)

Sacked (just full of mumblechatter today)

Everest (worked on his figure skating routine before the beatdown, should be awesome)

QIC: Matlock

YHC guesses that some of the regular Circle Time PAX were compelled to drive the ENTIRE LENGTH of GUILFORD COUNTY to Colfax this morning.   The PAX who posted at CT were treated to a balanced full body workout that left no man behind.  Here’s what went down:



10 Fire Hydrants IC each side (thx Unicycle)

20 Toy Soldiers IC

15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 String Rippers IC

10 Lil Baby Arm Circles IC forward then back


Run 2 laps around the parking lot forwards, then 1 lap backwards; then Abe Vigoda extended stretch each side



pair into groups of 4.  Since we had 11 this was problematic, so we went with one group of 5 and one group of 6.

PAX 1 starts at “home” with 30 merkins,

PAX 2 at “first” does WWII situps

PAX 3 at “second” does Mountain Climbers

PAX 4 at “third” does Bench Squats

When Pax 1 completes the mekrins then they relieve Pax 2 then everyone rotates.

The Pax made it around the horn three times, when things were getting very real, then YHC called Omaha


time for some DDI:  20 dips, 20 derkins, 20 irkins.



Do an AB movement 10IC, then 10 single count of an high impact movement, then sprint 30 yds, rinse and repeat 6 times.

LBCs, Jump Squats, sprint, x2

Dying Cockroach, Mary Catherines,  sprint, x2

Freddie Mercuries, Goofballs (a circle time staple), sprint, x2


15 Heel Touches IC

10 Alabama Ass Kickers IC each side

10 Crab Reaches IC (this one got the attention of the PAX)

15 LBCs IC

14 Hammers IC (yes, 14, gotta problem with that?)


-Blood drive next weekend at Cycles D’oro, 6/23.  Sign. Up.

-Camp/Hike trip July 19. See Sacked for details.

-Gilligan continues to improve in the ICU, please continue to pray for him.

-Continue to reach out to the FNGs that have posted in the last month to get them back out.

COT:  Huffy led us in prayer, Thanks brother.


-We did not do any Curbees. None.

-The PAX did a great job today, except for Xerox, who was just okay…

-Steely Dan continues to work hard and is starting to resemble a great was/now

-Kotters to Speaker City for his first post in THREE YEARS! Keep coming back!

-Drizzle, you need to get control of your people, they are wandering off to far off places…

It was a great honor to lead today.  Aye