Cotton Eye Joe [Side Straddle Hop aka Jumping Jacks AMRAP w/ a Burpee every time “Cotton Eye Joe” is repeated (x25+ times)]


2 mile Indian/Native American/First Nation/Indigenous Peoples Run w/ a B.L.I.M.P. + an S [Burpee + step-up Lunge w/ leg extension + Inch-Worm (Merkin/Push-up added at bottom) + Mallcop’s Merkin Mania (Push up variations: Regular, Ranger, Diamond, Archer, Staggered & Werkin) + Pickle Pushers (of course it was done at the most publicly visible location) & Squats (Sugar Ray: Jump Squats Regular: Squat) *Feet at 30° to obtain full depth…in the squat you sicko

At the Flag

Bring Sally Up *half version to keep time


Broga (Bro-Yoga) & American Hammer *Mall Cop did the honors for 20 reps IC

Etch-a-Sketch, Boy Wonder, Streamer, Mall Cop, Corn Hole, Explosion & Slumlord-QIC


3F at Caribou Coffee after Shake Weight

Bo Derek aka Perfect 10 #CSAUP @NordicTrack, June 15, 2019 at 7am

Rugged Maniac, Oct. 26, 2019: Join F3 Greensboro Team for fun and mud


Streamer had a moment ¾ through the Indian Run, but pushed through and led the way. It was a true testament to the power of the mind over the body to #GetBetter and #BeMore. T-Claps. Solid effort by all. Next level stuff going on in little Ol’ Natville.