PAX: Snowflake, Baby Bop, Eye Roll, Bushwood, Cheddar, Huffy, TPS, Hoosier, Etch-A-Sketch, Boones Farm, Spike, Buck, Butt Fumble, Wicked, Spackler, Jitterbug, Guiding Light, Stinky Cheese, Birds Nest, Blue Oyster, Bed Bug, Freezer Burn, JR, Ashley, Pamela, Bobby Knight, Radiator, Phelps, Ketchup, Stage Fright, HUD, Simone, Red Dragon, Airball, Puddle Jumper, Matlock, Slumlord, Norwood, Sacked – QIC

As I pulled up a little after 5:00 a.m. to set out some cones I expected to be the first one on site. Nope – already there and working out were TPS and Red Dragon + Wicked out on the track . Well done men. On this beautiful Friday morning 39 PAX posted the Fringe. At least a dozen guys completed an EC run from Green Joe’s – TClaps to those fellas.  To kick things up we formed a COA (which indeed it was) to allow for a semi-controlled welcome and opening comments. With that completed we did a mosey around the parking lot and circled up for Warma


  • Sun Gods x 15ic each direction
  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Lucky 7’s

PAX then counted off in 1’s and 2’s and received instructions on the Thang:


On the track there were 4 workout stations set up each being .25 distance around the track. The stations were labeled 1 -4. The 1’s group started at Station 1 and the 2’s group started at Station 3. After completing all exercises on the sheet at that station the group would Indian Run around the track and would stop at the next sequential station. Every exercise was a rep count of 30 (or 15ic)

  • Station 1
    • Werkins
    • Crab Cakes
    • Reverse Lunge
    • Shoulder Taps
    • WW1 Situp
    • Squats
  • Station 2
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Elbow to Knee
    • Monkey Humpers
    • Shoulder Taps
    • High Dolly
    • Bobby Hurleys
  • Station 3
    • Merkins
    • Crunchy Frog
    • Wojo Squats
    • DIPS
    • LSF
    • Squats
  • Station 4
    • Ranger Merkins
    • Pickle Pushers
    • Monkey Humpers
    • Shoulder Taps
    • Dying Cockroach
    • Bobby Hurleys

With time running tight we called an Omaha and circled back up in the Parking Lot


  • 10 Burpees compliments of Spike
  • American Hammer x 20ic


  1. June 23 F3 Summer Blood Drive: Cheddar and Stinky Cheese on the Q
  2. Community Housing Solutions work day – June 8. Sign up coming out shortly.
  3. CSUP – Sat 5/25 at Country Park – Blackbeard’s Challenge – 6:00 a.m.
  4. MURPH May 27 Memorial Day event – Jesse Wharton School – 6:00 a.m. Wicked on the Q
  5. Memorial Day Convergence at Wakanda (Dudley HS) – 7:00 A.M.
  6. Freezer Burn on the Q tomorrow at Inside Voices
  7. Keep Bodett and his family in prayer after the unexpected passing of his father this past week


  • Too many observations to list in this post, but a few that stood out
    • TClaps to Baby Bop – great effort this morning
    • TClaps Freezer Burn – pushing it on the Indian Run
    • JR and B Oyster – I think it was a World War 1 SIT-UP 🙂
    • Always great seeing Ketchup and his 2.0 Phelps out together and pushing it in the gloom
    • Several PAX posted the Fringe for the first time today.
    • Strong work by Bobby Knight – he doesn’t take a play off.
    • Again shout out to all the EC Runners

It was an honor. SACKED