Pax – Doublecheck, Stubbing, AirBall, TPS, Misfire, Inxs, SlumLord, Nest Egg, Bobby Knight, Foot Fairy, Steely Dan, Pitino – On the Q Red Dragon






All Body weight day. Everything in play today.


Warm – a – Rama

Goofballs 20 IC

String Rippers 10 IC

Sun Gods

Sit Down – Straight, Twisted, Pull it in.


Lacrosse Stick – Show how to head and tails it.

ONE RULE – BALL HITS THE GROUND THERE ARE 5 Hand Release Merkins immediately

Heads                                                 Tails                                                  Winner

Wall Wall Sits for 30                       BTW for 30                                      BTW

Mosey with the Group – High Knees, Butt Kicks, Shuffle, Carioca

Light LBC 20 IC                               Plank – 30 count as group             Plank

Mosey with the Group – Leader of the Pack???

Wall Step Ups 20 single leg           Box Jump 10 single count                Box Jump

Hill 10 Sprints / up and back       10 Turk and Burps                             Turk and Burp

Bridge 10 Burpees                          20 Push ups                                         Burpees

Bottom Box Cut 20 IC                   Fred Merc 30 IC                                  Fred Merc

Backwards up to Gate

Cross Street

Parking Lot Bear Crawl Lot          BTW for 30                                          BTW

Jog to PG #1 10 Pull Ups – Squats for PAX

To the Tire – Partner Up – Flip 1

Jog to PG #2 10 Pull Ups – Merkins for Pax

Parking Lot BC / CD                        Carioca the lot                                     Carioca

Jot to PG #3 10 Pull Up – Burpee for Pax

Mosey with the Pax – No man left behind – to the Flag


Partner Up 44 total in honor of Steely Dan’s 44th B Day Yesterday.

Push Downs x 20

Hand Touches x 20

American Hammers x 4

Announcements –

Keep Bodett in your prayers, his father passed away yesterday unexpectedly.

Blackbeard is Saturday

Murph is Monday

From the land of useless info – Pirates wore eye patches when they went down to the cabin one eye was already adjusted to the dark.  From Slummy confirmed by Stubbing (he drives a boat, so it must be true)


Thank you Pitino for giving me the opportunity to lead.

Thank you to the PAX for showing up, these southern VA sites are not the closest, but they are really awesome, if you have not made it to the Sad Clown Killer workout, it has everything that you could image for a great workout.

Sorry Xerox that you missed the bus from Well Spring – you were missed, THANK GOODNESS this was not the Burpee World Workout you have been so excited for.  Its coming soon.  #alwaysinthebackpocket.  #paybackforplanksgiving   on a side note – Please say congrats to your Brother – in – law on an amazing career and best of luck in his new endeavor.