AO: Lunatic Fringe
Date: May 17, 2019
Time: 5:30 – 6:15 AM
Location: Greensboro Day School

PAX: Airball, Buck, Boone’s Farm, Freezer Burn, Bruce Lee, Puddle Jumper, J-Woww, JR, Awkward, Stinky Cheese (Respect!), 3-for-1, Slum Lord, Silicone, HUD, Baby Bop, TPS, Wojo, Guiding Light, Red Dragon, Norwood, Etch-a-Sketch
Round Trip Runners: Jitterbug, Hoosier, Xerox
QIC: Etch-a-Sketch

You know its going to be a great morning in the gloom when you pull up to the AO early to set up and see Airball, TPS and Red Dragon with jump ropes and other gear doing some EC work. Shortly after that a heard of PAX came rolling in from their EC Run from Green Joe’s – strong work by all. No FNGs were present, just a group of salty vets ready to get to it. F3 Mission and disclaimer were given and off we go (we didn’t actually go anywhere at this point as W-A-R was at the Shovel Flag.)

Copperhead Squat and Hop x 17 IC
Side Staddle Hops x 20 IC
Sun gods x 10 IC – Chinooks x 10 IC – Sun gods (reverse) x 10 IC
Abe Vigodas x 10 IC
String Rippers x 10 IC

Dirty McDeuce was our THANG today. 12 count of (4) different exercises followed by a lap around the track (odd stations did Indian Run, even stations did regular run). We broke up into 3 groups and cycled through the stations. PAX stayed together with their group and took turns calling cadence.

Station 1:
Carolina Dry Docks x 12 SC
Copperhead Squat and Hop x 12 IC
Flutter Kicks x 12 IC
Peter Parkers x 12 IC

Station 2:
Newton’s Cradle x 12 IC
Mary Catherines x 12 SC
Box Cutters x 12 IC
Mt Climbers x 12 IC
(Lap – Indian Run)

Station 3:
Hand-Release Merkins x 12 SC
Copperhead Lunges x 6 IC / Leg
Freddie Mercuries x 12 IC
Parker Peters x 12 IC

Station 4:
Wide Merkins x 12 SC
Wojo Squats x 12 SC
Dying Cockroach x 12 IC
Ski Abs x 12 IC
(lap – Indian Run)

All groups made it through all stations and some groups were in R-n-R mode when Omaha was called for time.

Low Dolly x 15 IC
Starfish Crunch x 15 IC
Weezie Jeffersons x 15 IC
60 Second Plank
American Hammer x 15 IC


TPS – June 20th Next Meat Fest/Steak Night (Go ahead and get your hall pass now) location TBD

Wojo – June 2nd Skip-Off with Norwood, Tommyboy and cast of characters at Shelter #9. Face punching. Mustaches. Skipping. Bring canned food. Phoenix will be grilling.

Slum Lord – June 15 Bo Derek – 10 football lengths of crawls, 1,000 reps at Nordic Track

3-for-1 – Inside Voices, F3 Kids (converged) with Wakanda

Wojo – Saturday May 25th – Blacksbeard Challenge 6:00 launch from Jaycee Park and Monday, May 27th – The Murph launch from Jesse Wharton

COT: Slum Lord took us out

Great work this morning by all the PAX, and TClaps to all of the EC-ers.
I was an honor to lead!