Huffy (Respect), Etch-A-Sketch, Mall Cop, CJ, TJ Hooker, Daisey, Houlihan, Slur, Phoenix, Norwood

11 PAX were educated during warmarama in the art of laundry, reaching for the alarm, and other fine tidbits while doing a little running, a little weights, and a little stair climbing. It kind of looked like this:

20 SSH
20 Sun Gods
20 Reverse Sun Gods
15 Imperial Walkers
15 Hillbillies
1 Minute Leg Stretch, switch at 30 seconds
15 Butt Kickers

The Thang

The dudes paired up and one duder AMRAPed weight exercises (different one each time) while partner climbed the stairs, did 5 Merkins, and then ran around the outside of the deck down to the entrance to relieve said partner doing the following:

Weights Station

1. Curls
2. In and Outs
3. LBC
4. Squat w/Weight
5. Overhead Press
6. Wall Sit Curls
7. Low Slow Flutter
8. Carolina Dry Dock
9. Tricep Extension
10. Lunge w/Weight
11. Overhead Skull crusher (tricep)


PAX led MARY of 10 in cadence finishing with 20 American Hammers


Q School this weekend: Check Shenanigans

TJ Hooker says thinks for having him, its been great.

June 2nd, skip off between Norwood and Tommy Boy, check David Deasy’s You Tube, skip off at Country Park.

Coffeteria at Carribou in Friendly Center