The Easter Bunny paid a visit to Shake N Bake

Date: April 16, 2019

PAX: Simone, Mr. Belding (RESPECT), Everest (RESPECT), Settlement, Lynda (RESPECT), Halitosis, and Schnitzel (RESPECT).

QIC: Jingles

On an unexpectedly cold April morning, 8 PAX gathered to do some track work.  The Easter Bunny deposited a basket of eggs at the track, leaving the workout up to fate.  After a quick Warm-O-Rama consisting of side-straddle hops, curb hops, and various other hops, jumps, and leaps, the Pax moseyed around the track for the first egg.


The Pax drew an egg from the basket.

EGG 1: 1600 meters @ 5k pace.  The Pax flew around the track 4 times at a high rate of speed.

Recovery: 600 meters at a low rate of speed.

Egg 2: 8 (which was really 16)  200s @ 90%.  The Pax alternated 200 meter sprints and 200 meter recoveries for a grueling two miles.

Egg 3: Nah, OMAHA!

6MOM: Low-Slow Flutter, Low Dolly, WWII Sit-Ups, Freddie Mercuries, and American Hammers.

Announcements: Good Friday Ruck should be attended by all.

YHC took us out.

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