DATE: 24 hrs after tax day

TIME: 5:30 am, apparently not early enough, given the mass of EC runners/ruckers

TEMP: 38 deg. (WTF!?!)

PAX: Boonie, Fannie, Etch a Sketch, Long Time, Graffiti, Dont Cha Know, Mall Cop, Cecil, Bodett, Tommy Boy, Bob the Builder III, CJ, Pheonix, Radiator, Bed Bug, STP, Confusion, FNG-Brian Dearman-Bandwagon

QIC: Matlock

Holy cow, we had a nice turnout this morning! Not sure why so many PAX decided to run before my Q. Did they actually think that we were gonna stand around and lift weights in a circle and sing kumbaya? Heck no, we were gonna get the heart rate up and move around this joint.  The pressure was on YHC to deliver, seeing how our Nantan, Weaselshaker, COMZ Q and an FNG were all in attendance.  So YHC poured on the charm and nailed the introduction and mission statement.  And then launched straight into the Warmarma without the disclaimer… Oh well, on to the


20 ssh IC

15 Copperhead Squats IC

10 Merkins IC

10 Little Baby Arm Circles forwards IC, Chinooks 10 IC, backwards IC  (YHC’s was little out of sorts here, aah the pressure!)

15 Imperial Walkers IC

10 Windmills IC

Short Mosey back to the flag for the



Pax pair up.  Each pair does the exercises together and then run an opposite loop around the parking deck and meet back at the shovel flag for exercises.

Staring at 10, do T-BAR MERKINS, GAS PUMPS with weight, KETTLE BELL swings.  10 of each, run a lap, meet back for 9 of each, repeato going down the ladder to 1 of each and ten laps completed.

This proved to be a simple, but effective beatdown.


-Freddie Mercuries 20 IC

-HOMER/MARGE 8 reps holding the HOMER for 5 sec each time.

-Cindy Crawfords 10 IC each side



-Welcome to FNG Brian Dearman, now BANDWAGON. Great to finally get you out in the gloom.  You did great, keep coming back! Man, being a Browns fan sure got a reaction from the PAX…

-TClaps to all the EC runners/ruckers who got miles in before we got more miles (2.5) in.

-Great to see CJ and Graffiti out at the Shake Weight

-There was a Cecil sighting in the underground, what!



-Cross Ruck Friday 4:30 launch Grace UMC

-Mall Cop needs Qs for June

-Etch has the Q for the Stampede Thursday

COT: LONG TIME took us out.  Thanks brother.

It was an honor to lead. Aye,