Windmill (Respect), Sacked (Respect), Mezzi Motto, Stretch (Respect), Stage Fright, Matchbox, Mudflap (Respect), Spackler (Respect), Bruce Lee, Short Track , Hazmat (Respect), Wingman (Respect), STP (Respect), POEHLER, WoJo, Bird’s Nest, Bones, Bed Bug, Flat Rate (Respect), Matlock, Snowflake (Respect), Brandy (Respect), 2:1 (Respect), Schnitzel (Respect)


On a humid morning 24 PAX came out to Jaycee Park for a nice mosey around Country Park. After a short introduction with mission statement, we did not waste any time and took off towards Country Park.




SSH 20 x

Sun Gods 20 x forward and reverse

Chinooks 10- x

Imperial Walker 15 x

Hill Billies 15 x

Windmills 15 x

Monkey Humpers 10 x


To get the Pax’s attention, the Q threw in 5 Burpees. Mumblechatter stopped right after.



We took off with Indian Run and took a break at the parking lot. We divided the team in two groups and performed the exercises:


Balls to the wall

Pull- ups 10 x


Wall sits

Merkins 20 x


Al Gore’s

Squads 15 x


After a short recovery, the pax took off towards the Vietnam Memorial. We honored the Vietnam memorial with 2 intense sets of:


Dips 20 x

Derkins 20 x

Step-ups 10 x each leg


We continued our Indian run with a short break (LBCs 20 x, Low slow flutters 20 x) towards “Wicked Hill”. We did a 3-man grinder:


Station 1


  1. Merkins
  2. World war I sit-ups
  3. Carolina Drydocks

Station 2


  1. Plank Jacks
  2. Copperhead Squats
  3. Mountain Climbers


Q called Omaha and we continued our Indian Run towards our Shovel Flag. We did a running MARY


Freddy Mercuries 20 x

Low slow flutter 20 x

Low Dollies 20 x


The Q closed the workout with 20 x American Honors. We accomplished 2.5 miles. Great job!



  • Q-school will be end of the month. Last Friday at the end of the month. Details will follow. See Snowflake.
  • May 4th, St Francis. Help with the annual book sale. See Sacked for more information. We need 30 guys.
  • Support the new AO at the Dudley High School. We need Qs, please talk to Square




It was an honor and a lot of fun to lead this workout. Thanks for your support!


Aye, Schnitzel