Uphill Battle at Wakanda

10 determined PAX fight an uphill battle

YHC was fired up to Q Wakanda for the first time. The AO affords virtually unlimited opportunities – bleachers, track, fields, playground, hills… However, there was one feature in particular that the PAX would get very well acquainted with this morning. We disclaimed the disclaimer, proclaimed the mission, and off we went on a mosey tour (planning for future Qs…) and eventually rounded the traffic circle and pulled up in the nearby parking lot for…


  • 10 SSH (more would come #foreshadowing)
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • 20x Mountain Climbers
  • 15x/15x Sun Gods
  • 10x Merkins
  • At this point, YHC thought we needed to up the energy of the PAX. The bluetooth speaker was turned to 11 and we did One More Burpee (SSH to Daft Punk’s One More Time with a burpee every time the title phrase is uttered.) YHC chose the 3:30 version instead of the 5:15…maybe next time.

Now that the PAX was nice and limbered up, we headed to the track. YHC was eager to show the PAX what he was so excited to find, but expected the PAX might not share the same enthusiasm…

Look at that friggin ramp! Do you know how much it would suck to lunge up that? Or bearcrawl backwards? Well, the PAX this morning sure do. Here’s the gist of…

The Thang:

YHC posted 5 sheets in various locations around the field house, and each had the numbers 1-6 on them with corresponding exercises. PAX drew a number out of a bag, and had to perform the associated exercise at each station. But just doing the exercises was boring, GETTING THERE was the fun part! The numbers 1-6 also corresponded to a way of getting around the loop – bear crawl, crab walk, lunge walk, inchworm, backwards bear crawl and broad jumps. After finishing the loop, PAX grabbed another number and kept going.

We completed 2 or 3 rounds before Omaha was called. Before we headed back for Mary, we did one full Indian Run lap around the track. Back we went to the invisible shovel flag for…


We had an FNG to name, so we knocked out:

  • 20 LBCs
  • 15 LSFs
  • 25 American Hammers


  • Welcome to Flo Jo’s 2.0 FNG, now Luke Cage!
  • Open invitation from 8 Mile to join a men’s breakfast at Evangel Fellowship every second Saturday
  • Community Service Day with Refuge Church postponed until May 5
  • Need Qs at Wakanda – check out the Q schedule or hit up Square
  • Nomex took us out with a prayer for blessings and that we would be light.


  • Loved seeing the effort from the 2.0s out there. Solid work from Smooth Jazz and Luke Cage.
  • Way to push through the broad jumps and inchworms Mr. Belding, and the encouragement to not pull up early.
  • Shout out to Luke Cage helping call cadence during Mary. Way to step up and lead.
  • Nomex couldn’t be contained during that Indian Run, I saw smoke trailing behind him like Wylie Coyote.
  • Shout out to 8 Mile answering the call from Gilligan. Coming out with a thunderstorm in the forecast is a strong move.

Thankful to serve,
Paula Deen


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