This Is Gonna Suck… – LH 3/20

8 hardy PAX feeling crabby at the Bellmeade parking deck

Not sure if it was the trees in bloom, the birds chirping in the morning, or the bright shining light of the super worm equinox moon but whatever the reason, YHC was ready to make this one hurt. So after allowing the 2 minute window for stragglers as is customary at this AO, the PAX did a mosey loop up Commerce and back to the grassy lot for…


  • 20 SSH
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • 15x/15x Sun Gods
  • 20x Mountain Climbers
  • 15x Merkins
  • 15x Windmills

From there, we headed to the base of the Spiral of Doom for…

The Thang

Here’s the rundown – at the top of the deck, PAX would perform 3-minute drills – 3 minutes of one exercise, AMRAP. At the end of the 3 minutes, we’d head back down and start again.

  • First round:
    • Indian run up Spiral (One PAX took the words out of my mouth when he proclaimed “THIS IS GONNA SUCK”. Yes, yes it is.)
    • 3 minute drill: Burpees
    • Run down the deck (YHC can report this is a much larger deck than the Church St deck, holy mileage Batman)
  • Second round:
    • Crabwalk up the stairs to the top #crowdpleaser
    • 3 minute drill: Squats
    • Run down the Spiral

  • Third round: 
    • Backwards run up the Spiral #NoThisDidn’tLookGoodOnPaper
    • 3 minute drill: Cindy Crawfords
    • Run down the Spiral

During the third round, the PAX encountered a rival fitness group on the other side of the parking deck. YHC thought for a minute we were about to have ourselves a turf war, ala Ron Burgundy and his news team vs Channel 9.

The Channel 9 boys let loose a couple of underwhelming chants to… I don’t know, fire themselves up? but we decided they weren’t worth doin’ another bid over, so back to the shovel flag we went for…


We were coming in hot so we knocked out

  • 20x American Hammers

and called it a morning.


  • No announcements
  • Jingles took us out praying for us to see the needs of those around us

Paula Deen


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