Chips, Kung Fu Panda (Justin Dorsey, FNG) Tofu (Josef Whitted, FNG), JLove, Crush, Butt Fumble, Whirly Bird, Red Dragon, Gangrene, Paula Deen,
QIC – Mr. Belding
A purpose will motivate you.
A purpose will keep your priorities straight.
A purpose will develop your potential.
A purpose will give you power to live in the present.
A purpose will help you evaluate your progress

When it was time YHC gave the disclaimer and mission and we were off like a dirty shirt. 

Smurf Jacks (IC) x 25
Squats x 25
Mosey to lot
Hillbillies x 25
Sun Gods x 20
Mountain Climbers (IC) x 20
Peter Parkers (IC) x 15
LBC (IC) x 25

Switzer: #ISI
11’s burpees & jump squats with partner 

Switzer: #PTR: There are no plateaus. We work out for more than “being in shape”. We workout because it’s part of our way of being fit for whatever happens in life.   

Mosey to incline next to Senior Parking Lot
Dora 1,2,3 = Burpees, Mountain Climbers, LBCs

Switzer: #LargeParticles: Remember when life gets tough and the sifter begins shaking you want large particle men in your life. That’s not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of strength.

Mosey then jailbreak to flag


Plank-o-rama: Plank, ChillCutt, Right up, Left up, Plank
American Hammer x 25
This workout was about the 2nd F. Fellowship. The importance of establishing bonds with other men who are seeking to accelerate while headed up a mountain that has no summit. We talked CSAUP, jobs, children, families and about YHCs heavy breathing. It was tough, good and fun. Thanks men!
– Mr. Belding
(PD posting on Mr B’s behalf)