Burping Indian Run in the Rain

PAX: Jitterbug, Boone’s Farm, JR, Buck, Phelps, Ketchup, Bedbug, Wojo, Bruce Lee, Rameses – QIC

Ten worked out on the track on this warm and rainy morning.  Some of the pax started the day with an EC run from Green Joe’s, while others did sprint work on the track prior to the official 0530 start.  Distant thunder had a few of the pax nervous with corresponding mumble chatter about finding a “shelter” to work out under.  Thankfully the only significant weather during the workout was light rain.


Plank + disclaimer
Dive bombers x 5
Side straddle hops x 20
Windmills x 10
Mosey to the back half of the track.


Burping Indian Run – last man falls back to do 5 burpees while the rest of the pax run together in a single file line.  The last man must then sprint to the front of the group while the next man in back drops in place for Burpees.  Went through 3 cycles of this, covering somewhere between 6-7 laps around the quarter mile track.  Pelted in the face with rain for most of it, but it let up by the time we finished.

Lunge walked 1/4 of a lap, followed by a ladder of Merkins with intermediate LBCs: 2, 4, 6,… up to 12 Merkins, active rest with 10 LBCs between each one.  Then back down from 12 to 2 Merkins.

One more lap around the track, gradually increasing intensity to try to finish at 100% of whatever you had left.

Omaha mosey back to the shovel flag (or at least where it would have been) for Mary.

Low slow flutters x 20
E2K x 20
LBCs x 10
6 inch planks
American Hammer x 20


Service project 3/16/19 Community Housing Solutions.   One of four projects planned for this year.


Taken out by Ketchup.

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