Meat Sweats

Driving to the AO (Leblon) I passed Bushwood, thinking I was racing him to the table, I may have broken a traffic law

simply amazing group tonight. 8 pax strong.

So after two weeks of advertising, locating pants with a drawstring and practicing the heimlic maneuver #steaknight was on. I had a few HC and knew we might pull in some others so a table for 8 was planned. Knowing full well we could move to another as needed.

Upon arriving, YHC (meat sweat site coordinator) was greeted by my oldest 2.0 Charlie (unnamed), then we entered to find JR (already sporting his bib), AirBall and Magic Dragon. YHC was still on work duty for a few minutes leaving time for the balance of the table to arrive including the Red Dragon, Buck, and Wojo.

A quick blessing was shared and then everyone rolled up their respective sleeves for the parade of meats. All flags to GREEN. Sirloins, flank steak, etc all circled each better than the last.

Some notable mentions.

Wojo dropped the bomb on BedBug engagement.  Congrats  missed the memo. I guess singing with Lady Gaga was the closer.

JR. Don’t hide the ribs from JR. He almost headed to the kitchen for self service. Additionally, if you want dirt on JR just ask Buck. The average man buys the steaks they plan to eat. A Texan kills, carves, and dry ages his beef 36lbs at a time.

MD. Great addition of the story of sky diving through the hail storm. Almost too smart for the table in those glasses

AB. None of the meats were hit by the Torrent. Although there was a huge carcass on JRs plate.

RD don’t make Frankie angry, and I hope the team from AL gets the invitation to Circle Time

Buck please teach Spike how to be on time so he doesn’t miss out next time.

Wojo has meat locker envy.  There’s no aging like dry aging


be on the lookout for the next installment  #steaknight

PAX  AirBall, Red Dragon, JR, Magic Dragon, Buck, Wojo, Charlie, and TPS


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