Man, that was tough


Q arrived early with the help of the one and only Bodett of Natville to set out the sandbags. Everybody knew something different was ahead of them. It was one of those hold-onto-winter-not-yet-spring mornings when it all comes together. It was fast and furious. Little to no rest between sets and even less mumble chatter resulted. It was glorious. Check it out…


Side Straddle Hop + Toy Soldier + Hillbillies

THANG @Graveyard

*Mosey to Sandbag distribution Center

*Minimum 10 reps per set. GOAL: 8 Sets = 720 rep minimum excluding MARY

Sets Completed: 6 maybe 7 Sets completed. Well done everybody!!!


Snatch (Reg: Clean Sandbag to Clavicle or Sugar Ray: Snatch Sandbag to O-H position)

Side to Side “put it on the shelf”

Squat (Sandbag position: REG: Bear Hug or Sugar Ray: Overhead)

Supinated Standing Incline Press (Sandbag grasped palms up and diagonal upward press while standing)

Slumy’s Word O’ the Day:



  1. (of a hand, foot, or limb) turned or held so that the palm or sole is facing upward or outward.
    “the hand is in a supinated position”


Reverse Lunge w/Sandbag Shouldered (opposite shoulder/opposite leg)

*Q increased reps half way through the sets.

Q-Tip: After a few sets of Reverse Lunges, it is always helpful to add reps to develop adequate mumble chatter and threats from the Pax. 

Plank Build Pull-Through (Starting w/ sandbag on your side…Begin w/ Reg. Plank into Chill-Cut Plank & pull sandbag through from side to side)

*This was modified after Stage Fright damaged two sandbags with feats of manliness. Q converted the exercise to Walking Merkins over the sandbag. Pax start with one hand on ground and the other hand perched on the sandbag. Pax perform a Merkin-Plank Walk over the sandbag and perform a second Merkin. It is kind of like a pendulum swinging back and forth in theory. 

Jump Squats w/ Sandbag in bear hug position

Burpee Cleans w/ Sandbag

MARY @ Flag

Low Slow Flutter + American Hammer w/ Sandbag


Jitterbug-Respect, Spackler-Respect, Sacked-Respect, Fanny, Settlement, Stage Fright, Quick Draw, Bruce Lee, Bodett, Eye Roll, Hootie, Drysdale-Respect, Butt-Fumble, Nomad, Houlihan (hot lips), Bootlegger-Respect, Norwood (the Great), Matlock-Respect, Grafitti, Confusion, Stretch, (Dr.) Bones, Dial Up-Respect, Etch-A-Sketch & Slumlord-QIC


Prayers and support for Radiator for the loss of his mom.

Mean Gene award from Spackler to Jitterbug.

Prayers for Butt-fumble’s sister having a baby

Mourning for the loss of Sincere Davis #26 @ Page H.S.

Triple Lindy #CSAUP: April 6 @ Jesse Wharton w/ the giraffes

3rdF @ Lawndale-Panera

Community Housing Solutions, March 16


YHC prayed us out.

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