Back Blast Shake N Bake GDS 12MAR2019

16 Brave and powerful Pax took to the track to get some this fantastic and somewhat warm Tuesday. I’m reminded constantly that the very best this world has to offer is the experience of living in fellowship with the brotherhood of man! Loving and learning together, always pushing forward no matter what, looking for opportunities to shine a light and help our fellow man. Today is a gift!

My prayer: That warm, safe and cozy albeit nice for a time, would be the exception to our passionate, life-filled, challenging experiences that allow us to grow into the men we are called to be! Amen

The Pax: TPS, Maneater, Explosion, Hallie, Spike, Buck, Mr. Belding, Wilson, Matlock, Quick Draw, Schnitzel, Slag, Xerox, Norwood,Earhardt, Bedbug, Wicked.

Track work: 1 mile Mosey, followed by 3 minute dynamic stretch. Round 1 – Partner chase 1 lap run (fast) to catch the walking partner and flap jack. Round 2 – Partner chase 2 laps until you catch the walking partner, flapjack.

Mosey to the track entrance… Sprints (6 -50’s, 3 – 100’s) followed by a two lap cool down.

5 Curbpees and 10 AH IC as we were out of time.

Pleasure to be in the gloom my brothers- Aye Wicked.


TPS – Meat Fest Thursday night

BF – Movie night with the men from Grace Church – Wednesday night ( see BF for details and to join in the fun)


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