Plyometric Jump Training Back in Style @ Quaker Crater

AO: Quaker Crater

Date: 3/11/19

Weather: 48 degrees and partly cloudy

Q: Thurmanator (RESPECT!)

Pax: Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT!), Wojo, Tesla, Grafitti (RESPECT!), Nomad, Poehler, Confusion, Ramseys, Ozone, Joy Stick, Bruce Lee, HUD, Slum Lord, Short Circuit, Houlihan, Red Card, Guiding Light, Fannie & Bed Bug.

20 veteran pax, including YHC/Q, posted @ Quaker Crater this morning.  At 0529, the disclaimers were dispensed, and the pax commenced a short mosey around the school’s front parking lot, and returned back to the constructive shovel flag for Warmorama.

Warmorama:  20 SSH’s (IC), 12 Sun Gods (IC, wind & unwind), 12 Chinooks (IC), 12 Copperhead Lunges (IC, ea. leg), 12 Abe Vigodas (IC) & 20 String Rippers (IC).

The Thang: The pax were presented with the following plyometric beat down plan, which entailed the pax going thru each 4-exercise circuit twice – doing the 1st 3 exercises of each circuit for 30 seconds and the 4th exercise for 1 minute (with 10 seconds rest between each exercise and 15 seconds rest between the 1st and 2nd run-through of each circuit.  The “suggested” exercises broke down as follows:

Set # 1: Toe Touch Squats x :30; Staggered Switch Squats x :30; Heisman’s x :30; and Slalom Jumps x 1:00

Set #2: Squat Reach Jumps x :30; Staggered Toe Touch Squats x :30; Truck Tire Heisman’s x :30; and Soccer Run x 1:00

Set #3: Triple Bear x :30; Star Jumps + Alternating Cross Body Punches x :30; Front Kick & Back Kick x :30 (switch sides on 2nd round); and Plank Slalom Jumps x 1:00

Set #4: Copperhead Squats x :30; Jump Knee Tucks x :30; Zig Zag Jumps (switch sides on 2nd round) x :30; and SSH’s x 1:00

Set #5: Mary Katherine’s x :30; Jab Punch & Cross Punch & Front Kick (switch sides on 2nd round) x :30; Bear Merkins; and Hot Foot Cross x 1:00 (switching legs @ 1/2 way point)

The pax finished all 5 circuits twice, and time as called.

Mary: 20 American Hammers (IC)

Announcements: (1) Our 1st Community Housing Solutions workday is this coming Saturday, 3/16, so please sign-up/drop-in and stay as long as you can; (2) There’s still room on GOMR team – learn more in Shenanigan’s; (3) There will be the “Triple Lindy on Saturday 4/6, which will consist of 1 Murph per hour for 3 consecutive hours.  Come do all 3 or as many as you can muster; and (4) every Monday, there is a Coffeteria at the Panera on Lawndale to pray over the pax.

COT:  Slum Lord led the pax out with a short prayer.

Thank you men of Quaker Crater for honoring YHC with your presence this morning.  Your effort was outstanding!  See you next time!!

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