3/9/18 Cornwallis’ Nightmare- Daphne’s “Back to Basics Bruised & Battered Beatdown”

28 Pax-

Ozone, Longtime, Magellan, BruceLee, DialUp, Stretch, Norwood, Windmill, Schnitzel, 2to1, Snowflake, Settlement, StageFright, Yeti, Goldilocks, Matlock, Bedbug, StealyDan, Phoenix, Spam, Wicked, JR, DontYaKnow, Xerox, Snookie, Shorttrack, Overrun, Daphne (YHC)


YHC, after a very well seasoned welcome and introduction, lead the pax over the Cemetary for a proper warming of the pax and that looked something like this:


10-Low & Slow Merkins

20/20- Sun gods with a bonus x10 Shanook

20 String Rippers

The Thang

Once the pax was properly warmed, YHC lead the pax Double Apple Sauce style back over the lower parking lot for a classic (Oldie but Goodie) thang that went something like this:


Partner A &B

100 Squats (cumulative)- while partner A begins Partner B runs to the very far away cone (3 Burpees at the turn) and then relieves A.

Partner Carry to the half way point & back

200 LBC (cumulative)

Lap around the lower lot

300 Merkins (cumulative)

Partner Carry to the half way point & back

Part 2-

Because the pax was pleading and begging for more by saying things like, “OMG when will it stop.. please no more!” YHC hearing the cry lead the PAX double applesauce back over to the Wall of Pain for the following:

Partner A & B

20 Dips/Balls to the wall

20 Step Ups/20 Body Rows

20 Derkins/Peoples Chair

Rinse & Repeat


Farmers Daughter Sprint to the flag for Mary (again YHC answered the cry of “OMG…please No….don’t give it to Wicked anything but that!!!”) lead by Wicked.

26 Burpees in honor of a young football player #26 who was shot the week prior


DontYaKnow- March 16th Housing Solution work day. Afternoon slots still available. Hotdogs provided by Phoenix

SnowFlake-Wed 13th Dinner & Movie with the men of Grace’s Winter Mens Shelter. Need sponsors to join the men for a night out.

Longtime- Tue 12th BRO-GA special at Shakeweight

Norwood- June 2nd Skip Off.  Admission price is some can goods in honor of Norwood’s Uncle



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