F3 – Lunatic Fridge

PAX – Airball, Guiding Light, BedBug, WoJo, Poehler, Short Circuit, G-String, Bushwood, Tetnis, Boones Farm, Bull Dog, Hanna, Jitterbug, Chips, TPS – Splinters – Matlock, Fanny, Xerox, Hoosier, Spike, Wicked, Buck – Red Dragon on the Q.



With the potential of a large group showing up for the workout, the Q wanted to be prepared and had plenty of options in the STAY IN YOUR LANE philosophy to be sure everyone there was able to push themselves to their top level.   As the Pax began to show up – the preparation looked to be paying off, but after the Mosey and when the Pax had gotten to the Warm a Rama it seemed like half the PAX splintered off to get more miles in.


Warm A Rama  – 5 minute warm up – On the Soccer Field


String Rippers

Sun Gods

Cork Screw – Sitting – Pull the knee to Chest (Switch)

Mosey to the Thang


The Thang – Stay in your Lane – 4 groups – Jump Roper pushes the Lane –


1 – Jump Rope x 30


2 – Merkins


3 – Logs of Love –

Dead Lift

Push Press

Bent over Rows

Clean to Press

Bench Press


4 – Squats


5 – Ball Throws – rotate partners


6 – Bear Crawls


7 – DIPS


8 – Turk and Burps


Back to the Beginning.

Mary –



American Hammers

The Red Dragon Closed it out.


The Pax Made it through the entire workout.  It was very challenging and everyone pushed themselves to a high level.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead and thank the pax for coming out.  F3 is an amazing opportunity for our community, please continue to push yourself to another level.



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